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Boys Wearing Funny Hats

Date: April 28 1961
Description: Three boys stand at the front of their classroom and read aloud the story, "The Funny Hats" while wearing funny hats.

Sleep Over Party

Date: February 12 1956
Description: Young women talk about a dance and their dates while lounging on pushed-together twin beds in their pajamas.

Television Broadcast of Election Returns

Date: November 02 1948
Description: WENR in Chicago broadcasts the first live national television presidential election returns when Truman upset Dewey.

Stunning Cattle

Description: A packing house worker demonstrates the revolutionary Thor air-powered cattle stunner that was called the first successful pneumatic stunning tool for the...

Highway Ribbon Cutting

Date: October 04 1964
Description: Governor John Reynolds, state highway officials, and beauty queens are in attendance as the ribbon is cut to open a new Wisconsin highway. One of the youn...

East Isling Auto Graveyard

Description: View looking down into the chaotic heaps of twisted metal and tires at the H. Gutkin Co. auto wrecking yard.

Northwest Airlines Airplane

Date: 1948
Description: A Northwest Airlines passenger plane sits on the tarmac.

Postal Employees Picket

Date: August 1919
Description: Postal workers demonstrate to demand salary increases to meet war-time cost of living increases.

Slicing the Meat

Date: February 05 1955
Description: Next to a hanging scale, a large slab of meat on a butcher block is sliced into managable portions by apron-clad Mrs. Etta Parson Hocking.

Baldauf Drug Co.

Description: Display cases are neatly arrayed with merchandise inside the Baldauf Drug Company store.

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