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Russell & Company Reaper and Mower Advertisement

Date: 1866
Description: Advertising brochure for Russell & Company's Ohio Reaper and Mower, distributed by Chas. A. Taylor, agent for Peoria, Illinois. Features an illustration of...
Map or Atlas

Western States and Territories

Date: 1830
Description: Multicolor map illustrates the development of states and territories in the Old Northwest. Wisconsin was on the frontier of settlement when this map was pu...
Newspaper Article/Clipping

Underground Newspaper Cover: Fun Travel Adventure

Date: December 1968
Description: Cover of "Fun Travel Adventure," an underground newspaper, depicting a photomontage of soldiers at Iwo Jima with an oversized, purple flower replacing the...

"Spiro Agnew as a Hippie"

Date: September 04 1970
Description: A poster with a retouched portrait of Vice President Spiro Agnew dressed as a hippie. He has a beard, moustache, and long hair. He is wearing a fringed shi...

Annual Report

Date: 1911
Description: Front cover of International Harvester Company's annual report.

Coleman Advertisement

Date: 1920
Description: Advertisement for the Coleman Tractor Company reading: "Why Coleman? We Say— Because—". Features an illustration of a large question mark.

Dill Tractor

Date: 1918
Description: Side view photograph of a man using a Dill tractor and grain binder in a field, with an explanation below describing how the binder is operated. A small il...

Neighborhood House Activities Scrapbook: Character Studies

Date: 1941
Description: Page from a scrapbook kept by Neighborhood House, with two views each of four women, each posing in a chair, casting a shadow on the wall behind her.

Neighborhood House Activities Scrapbook: Easter Egg Hunt

Date: 1941
Description: Page from a scrapbook kept by Neighborhood House, with children crossing the street in front of the settlement house, gathering Easter eggs in the park, po...

Portrait of Harrison Ludington

Description: Quarter-length vignetted portrait of Governor Harrison Ludington, Wisconsin's 13th Governor. He has a short beard, and is wearing a suit and necktie. He is...

Captain Frank Barnes

Description: Quarter-length oval-framed portrait of Frank Barnes, in his sixties, sitting in a chair in a garden. He is wearing a suit and vest, and has a moustache and...

Steam Paddle Boat with Sailboats

Description: View across water towards women on a steam paddle boat on the left, and four sailboats near them on the right.

"Solid Comfort" Sailboat

Date: May 30 1885
Description: The sailboat "Solid Comfort" in full sail, near the shoreline. There are four men standing on top of the cabin. Deckhands are at both ends of the boat. The...

Sid in utero with Cigar

Description: Created for a four-fold, copy art Christmas greeting card, the graphic shows Sid as a baby smoking a cigar in the womb. This head and left hand are photogr...

Gisholt Commercial Art

Description: Playful illustration art depicting a policeman in uniform with cap, hand raised to stop traffic, while blowing a whistle. Two boys wearing shirts, neckties...

"Soglin Cocktail"

Description: Political cartoon of Paul Soglin as a wine glass, anthropomorphized with his eyes, nose, and moustache. Text at top reads: "Soglin Cocktail." In the center...

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