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Eskimo Duck Dance

Date: 1930
Description: Eskimo duck dance to celebrate the spring hunt.

Farm Family with Copious Produce

Date: 09 05 1895
Description: Matthew H. Stephenson, his wife Julia Hebert Stephenson, and their son William Clinton pose with vegetables from the Menomonee River Boom Company garden ne...

Slot Machine Seizure

Date: 01 1924
Description: Gerald J. Boileau, assistant district attorney, and George Lippert, district attorney, and three other men, exhibiting slot machines seized during a raid i...

The Union House Tavern

Date: 1900
Description: The Union House Tavern, known as Schulkamp's Corner Saloon, 2601 East Washington Avenue at Milwaukee Street. A group of men are standing on the porch holdi...

Buckhorn Cheese Company

Description: Exterior view of the Buckhorn Cheese Company plant. A sign painted on the exterior of the building reads: "Take One Home."

Fred Coe

Date: 1956
Description: Candid shot of Fred Coe, producer of "Playwrights '56," sitting at his production board.

Houston's Astrodome seen through Catcher's Mask

Date: 1965
Description: Paneled dome of Houston's Astrodome as seen through a baseball catcher's mask behind home plate.

Woman Reading Magazine

Description: Woman reading "House Beautiful" magazine at Greenwood House.

La Follette Family Listens to the Returns

Date: 11 1924
Description: Robert M. La Follette, Sr., with Isabel Bacon La Follette (Mrs. Philip La Follette), Mrs. John J. Blaine, Philip Fox La Follette, Governor John J. Blaine, ...

St. Paul Flax Twine Mill Building

Date: 1910
Description: St. Paul Flax and Twine Mill. The factory was owned and operated by the International Flax Twine Company (originally Minnie Harvester Company), a subsidiar...

Raking Leaves

Date: 10 18 1984
Description: Young boy and girl make the autumn chore of leaf-raking fun.

Relaxing on Deck

Date: 08 29 1977
Description: Ferry boat passengers on the deck of the SS City of Midland sun themselves as they cross Lake Michigan from Milwaukee, Wisconsin to Ludington, Michi...

Senior Citizens Card Game

Date: 09 10 1968
Description: Elderly women sit around a card table and play cards at a new senior center.

Summer Fun

Date: 08 10 1964
Description: A rubber raft serves as the launching point for diving and other water play on a hot summer day.

Story Time

Date: 10 17 1963
Description: A librarian reads a children's book aloud to young boys and girls.

Back Porch Laundry Room

Date: 10 13 1963
Description: A housewife showing off her newly-installed laundry room.

Wedding Day Car Problems

Date: 06 08 1963
Description: Bride and groom wait in the open convertible that is their transportation to their reception while a mechanic works under the hood.

Hearth and Home

Date: 1950
Description: Kitchen and dining room area of a home with a fireplace.

United Nations Protest

Date: 10 1956
Description: Glenn Turner is holding the United Nations flag, and his wife is carrying the flag of the state of Wisconsin. A supporter is holding the American flag. One...

Hospital Care

Date: 1950
Description: University of Wisconsin-Whitewater students care for a patient at the Fort Atkinson Hospital.

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