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Townspeople Improve Township Road

Date: 1920
Description: Original caption reads: "Members of Marshalltown Club at work on township road near Marshalltown, IA (1920). Over fifty members of the Club contributed a d...

Madison Roundhouse

Date: 1896
Description: Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Locomotive #280 at the Madison roundhouse. Identified railroad employees posed outdoors with the locomotive include: fireman...

Freight Steamer "Cornucopia"

Date: 1872
Description: Elevated view from hill of the freight steamer "Cornucopia" loading hides at the Hammond Brothers warehouse, with Lawrence University buildings on the hill...

Rennebohms on Odana Road

Date: 1979
Description: Steven O. Kimbrough outside the Rennebohm Drug Store No. 20, 6725 Odana Road, with the Beltline in the distance. In 1970 Kimbrough and photographer Chuck P...

Esterly Harvesting Machine Company

Date: 1890
Description: Esterly Harvesting Machine Company looking north across Milwaukee Street. Buildings shown include the Packing and Shipping Department (far left), the Paint...

Edgewood House

Description: The Edgewood House, purchased by Samuel Marshall from John W. Ashmead. It was partially completed at the time of purchase and was later finished by Mr. Ma...

Lake Shore Lumber Company

Date: 1900
Description: Lake Shore Lumber Company of Oshkosh's mill waste lumber slab dump. Leander Choate, owner of mill, used this marsh for his waste lumber which was piled at...

Chronicle Office

Date: 1855
Description: Chronicle newspaper office, the first building on the townsite of Superior, built in 1853 by William C. Howenstine, John T. Morgan, and August Zachau.

Lowell School

Date: 1925
Description: Lowell School from Maple Street with heated barracks to relieve congestion.

Factory Worker

Date: 1972
Description: An employee of the Chase Bag company, who was also a member of the Amagalamted Meatcutters and Butcherworkers of North America, stitches at a sewing machin...

Public School

Date: 1900
Description: A public school established in 1896.

Farmer's Corn Co-op

Date: 1920
Description: Two men standing in a farmers' corn co-op. The sign reads: "Demonstration Corn Plat.; Farmers Co-operation; Demonstration Work; U.S. Department of Agricult...

Champion Push Binder and Wagon

Date: 1914
Description: Mexican farm workers gather around a Champion push binder and wagon in a field.

Osborne Reaper

Date: 1910
Description: Man operating a horse-drawn Osborne self-rake reaper in a field.

Company House and Family in Benham

Date: 1919
Description: A family of five posing in front of an International Harvester "company house" in the coal mining town of Benham.

Milwaukee Normal School

Date: 1912
Description: Exterior of the school with a man standing on the sidewalk in front of the three-story building spraying the lawn with a hose. A group of people are in fr...

Historic Scene Depicted in the Schoenleber Memorial Clock Tower

Date: 1970
Description: Close-up detail of scene of historic Wisconsin in a hexagonal structure on a pedestal beneath the clock. The scene depicts an outdoor band concert in Milwa...

Washburn Observatory on Observatory Hill

Description: View up hill of Washburn Observatory on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus. The President's residence and a rear view of Bascom Hall are to the rig...

Man Operating Mogul 15-30 Tractor

Date: 1915
Description: A man is operating a Mogul 15-30 tractor with a belt attached to its power take-off. A cart is parked behind the tractor, and is carrying a barrel labeled:...

Section of "The Battle of Atlanta"

Description: A section of the cycloramic painting "Battle of Atlanta" in Grant Park, executed by the Milwaukee group of panorama painters working under Wilhem Wehner i...

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