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Neuss Works Washroom

Date: 05 24 1937
Description: Men washing themselves in the washroom at International Harvester's Neuss Works in Germany.
Book or Pamphlet

Excelsior Harvesting Machines Catalog Cover

Date: 1887
Description: Cover of advertising catalog for the Excelsior line of harvesting machines manufactured by Hoover and Gamble. Features an illustration with the title: "Nap...

Train Depot

Description: Train Depot, Adams Express Company. Hills are in the background.

Tallman House

Date: 1955
Description: View across lawn towards the front entrance and right side of the Tallman House.

Dresbach Dam

Date: 1940
Description: Aerial view of the Dresbach Dam.

View of Wausau, Wisconsin

Date: 1928
Description: Elevated view of the main street with the Wisconsin River in the top left corner. The street just outside the Hall Garage Company is lined with cars.

Estburg House

Date: 1920
Description: Exterior view of the John Estburg house, built around 1840.

Whiting Paper Mills

Date: 1880
Description: The Whiting Paper Mills before it was ruined by fire. A group of men and women are posing in the foreground.

Nashotah House

Date: 1930
Description: Nashotah House, cloister looking north from the entrance to Lewis Hall.

Park Hotel

Date: 1900
Description: View across road towards the Park Hotel, with children playing on the sidewalk in front of the hotel. Caption reads: "Park Falls, Wis."

Alma Shooting Society

Date: 1910
Description: A Swiss "Schutenfest" club, affiliated with the Central Shooting Society of Wisconsin, started about 1877 and lasted until about 1920. Group of men posing ...

Deering Grain Binder

Date: 1910
Description: A farmer operates a Deering grain binder driven by four horses.

Still of "Roots" Mini-Series

Date: 1976
Description: Scene from the popular television mini-series "Roots," showing actor LeVar Burton in chains portraying the slave Kunte Kinte, who had recently arrived on a...

Englehardt Farm

Date: 1905
Description: The manufacture of bricks was begun on this spot sometime in the latter 1860's by Henry Bretag, a German brickmaker, the father of Mrs. Englehardt. Brick m...

Bettendorf Tank Arsenal Office Building

Date: 04 04 1942
Description: Exterior view of the east side of a temporary office building under construction at International Harvester's Bettendorf Tank Arsenal. Several cars are par...

Office Building at Bettendorf Tank Arsenal

Date: 04 04 1942
Description: Workers from the Tunnicliff Construction Company build a temporary office building at International Harvester's Bettendorf Tank Arsenal. On the right a par...

Plant Contruction at Rock Island

Date: 04 23 1942
Description: Men from contractor J.H. Hunzinger & Co. work on construction of the "Micro-Westco, Inc. plant addition." The addition may be part of International Harvest...

Quad-Cities Tank Arsenal Construction

Date: 05 16 1942
Description: Men use a crane to work on the "Micro-Westco Addition" at International Harvester's Quad-Cities Tank Arsenal. The text on the crane reads: "Universal; Exca...

Aerial View of Quad City Tank Arsenal

Date: 1942
Description: Aerial view of the Quad City Tank Arsenal.

Quad-Cities Tank Arsenal Boundary Line

Date: 04 29 1942
Description: View of the grounds of International Harvester's Quad-Cities Tank Arsenal, looking south towards the proposed East boundary fence line. A man is standing i...

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