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Women in the Motor Corps

Date: 1918
Description: Motor Corps of the National League for Women's Service. The corps performed errands and other services for all organizations engaged in war activities, ans...

Memorial Union Terrace

Date: 1940
Description: Summertime view of people at tables on University of Wisconsin-Madison Memorial Union terrace, looking out to canoes and sailboats on the lake. In the back...

Assembled Titan 10-20 Tractors Ready for Paint

Date: 1918
Description: Newly assembled Titan 10-20 HP tractors waiting for painting at International Harvester's Milwaukee Works. The factory was owned by the Milwaukee Harvester...

Farmers Shelling Corn with Farmall Tractor

Date: 12 02 1926
Description: Two farmers shelling corn with a belt-driven McCormick corn sheller powered by a Farmall Regular tractor. Also in the farm yard are a McCormick-Deering wag...

Flying Tea Party

Description: A tea party on an airplane, a publicity stunt conceived by Harry Bruno to promote his Cleveland-area airline, Aeromarine Airlines. By taking local reporter...
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IHC Pull Power Hay Press Catalog

Date: 1917
Description: Front cover of an advertising catalog for International Harvester. Shows pull power hay presses featuring a color chromolithograph illustration of farmers ...
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Kentucky Drills Catalog Cover

Date: 1915
Description: Front cover of an advertising catalog for the Kentucky line of International Harvester grain drills. Cover features a color illustration of a farmer in a f...
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IHC Cultivator Catalog

Date: 1914
Description: Advertising catalog for International Harvester cultivators. Features an illustration of a woman feeding birds.

Experimental International 12-22 Tractor

Description: Engineering photograph of an experimental International 12-22 tractor.

Experimental McCormick Motor Grain Binder

Date: 1919
Description: Man operating an experimental McCormick motor-driven grain binder in a field.

International Harvester Dealership in Russia

Date: 1911
Description: Men, women and children posing among agricultural machinery outside an International Harvester dealership in Russia owned by E.E. Bukin. The machines inclu...

International Oil Truck

Date: 10 28 1936
Description: International oil truck delivers to a Bridgeway Park gas station. Original caption reads: "International equipped with a tank body of 1,950 gallon capacity...

Allis-Chalmers Model B Tractor

Date: 1939
Description: Studio photograph of an Allis-Chalmers model B tractor.

Price-Campbell Cotton Picker

Date: 1924
Description: Man on the Price-Campbell cotton picker.

Senator Proxmire Greets Constituents

Date: 1970
Description: Senator William Proxmire shakes hands with a young constituent at the Wisconsin State Fair. For many years Proxmire's appearance was an institution at the ...

Governor Goodland at the Fair

Date: 1944
Description: Looking every bit his age (82), Governor Walter S. Goodland arrives at the Wisconsin State Fair.

Zeidler on Parade

Date: 07 08 1941
Description: Escorted by an honor guard of scouts, Mayor Carl Zeidler leaves City Hall to dine at the Dairy Lunch at the State Fair. As always, Zeidler is impeccably dr...
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Mechanical Irrigation Catalog Cover

Date: 1911
Description: Cover of an advertising catalog for mechanical irrigation equipment sold by International Harvester Company. Features an illustration of a mechanical irrig...
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Spraying Outfits Catalog Cover

Date: 1912
Description: Front cover of an advertising catalog for International Harvester spraying outfits. Includes a colored photograph of an apple tree.

Experimental McCormick-Deering 15-30 Tractor

Date: 10 07 1929
Description: Experimental McCormick-Deering 15-30 tractor parked outside a brick building (possibly International Harvester's Tractor Works in Chicago). This photograph...

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