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Four Sisters

Date: March 07 1969
Description: Group portrait of four sisters fixing each others hair.

Highway Ribbon Cutting

Date: October 04 1964
Description: Governor John Reynolds, state highway officials, and beauty queens are in attendance as the ribbon is cut to open a new Wisconsin highway. One of the youn...

Marquette University Students in March

Date: March 01 1956
Description: Two women are posing on the steps outside a building. Both have open books on their laps. Caption reads: "The month of March began on a good note Thursday...

Dr. Carleton Washburne

Date: February 10 1955
Description: A man is showing a folded sheet of paper to three women and is gesturing toward it with his pipe. Caption reads: "An educational expert, Dr. Carleton Washb...

Tom Hill's Brick Factory

Description: Five women, three men, and a boy are posing on a wooden bridge between two wooden structures. Caption reads: "Edgar, Wis. Yard of Tom Hill's brick factory....

A Happy Reunion

Date: February 25 1962
Description: A woman is smiling as a man kisses her; another woman on the right is smiling. Caption reads: "It was a happy reunion Saturday night for Mrs. Augusta Svajo...

Lee Benefee

Date: November 14 1964
Description: A young man on the left is talking and gesturing to an older man on the right who is partially turned away towards an automobile in the background. Caption...

Paula Uihlein

Date: March 26 1962
Description: A woman in the foreground on the right is speaking to a man and another woman; the top of an opened bottle of champagne is between the group. Caption reads...

Commander Oliver Wetzel

Date: December 20 1970
Description: Four men are sitting or reclining on the floor in a room, surrounded by large sheets of paper and art supplies. One man is propsping up sheets of paper wit...

Mrs. Field and Kittens

Date: September 02 1970
Description: A woman is sitting in a chair with three kittens on or near her lap. A number of home decorations and pieces of furniture are nearby, and a wooden church d...

Mrs. Santa Claus at the Golden Age Club

Date: December 19 1956
Description: A woman in costume is smiling and stands near two women who are sitting. One of the women is holding a wrapped present. Caption reads: "Mrs. Santa Claus vi...

Four Ukranian Brothers

Date: January 10 1955
Description: Four men standing together and smiling at each other. Two of the men are shaking hands. On the wall behind them is a Christmas card held in place by a smal...

Sailors Considering Tattoos

Date: May 05 1955
Description: Elevated view of two men in naval uniforms standing on the sidewalk in front of a fire hydrant looking upward. One is smoking a cigarette and the other is...

Joel Cielak at Auction

Date: September 12 1989
Description: A man wearing a headset is crouching on the left on a desk or table, while a crowd of people are standing along a hallway. Caption reads: "Auctioneer Joel...

Juneau Exhibit Dedicated

Date: November 11 1971
Description: One woman and two men standing near a museum exhibit, with a statue of a Native American and part of a log structure in the foreground. Caption reads: "JUN...

All Alone

Date: May 21 1969
Description: A young girl is among a crowd of people, sitting on a tricycle and crying and wiping her face. Caption reads: "ALL ALONE — Little Kim Whitham, 4, of Waukes...

Railroad Executives at Dinner

Date: January 20 1955
Description: Four men in tuxedos smiling and talking to each other. Drapes are in the background. Caption reads: "Among others at the dinner were (from left) W.W. Brown...

Robin Carnes and M.J. Paggie at the 602 Club

Description: Two men are standing and leaning on a large radio outside the 602 Club, a popular Madison bar. Robin Carnes (left) is wearing a hat and a t-shirt advertisi...

In the Public Eye

Date: April 09 1970
Description: Two women on the left are sitting at tables and talking into telephones. On the right are large show windows, and a bus and passers-by are visible through...

Enjoying the Concert

Date: September 30 1971
Description: A man is leaning back in a theater seat with his eyes closed, holding a paper bulletin. Caption reads: "ENJOYING THE CONCERT — Arthur Van Dale closed his e...

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