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Ballot Machine

Date: 1956
Description: Close-up view of a women's hand touching a ballot machine with names of candidates from the 1956 Wisconsin election.

Rally for John F. Kennedy

Date: 10 23 1960
Description: View of audience at a rally for John F. Kennedy for president.

Election Booths and Volunteers

Description: Elevated view of a gymnasium that has been converted into a place where citizens can vote on election day.

Harold Stassen for President

Description: Republican Harold Stassen giving a speech on a stage in Milwaukee during his campaign for the Republican nomination.

Nixon/Lodge Supporters

Date: 1960
Description: Campaigners for the 1960 Republican ticket of Richard M. Nixon for president and Henry Cabot Lodge for vice-president.

Confederacy of Dunces

Date: 10 12 1984
Description: Men wearing Ronald Reagan masks and dunce caps make their way through a crowd.

Walter Mondale

Date: 10 24 1984
Description: Walter Mondale campaigns for president in 1984 during his failed run against Ronald Reagan.

Verona for McGovern

Date: 10 1972
Description: The Verona, Wisconsin, headquarters for the George McGovern/Sargent Shriver presidential campaign gets a new sign.

Democratic Headquarters on Wheels

Date: 10 1972
Description: A camping trailer serves as the Monroe County, Wisconsin Democratic party and McGovern campaign headquarters during the 1972 presidential race.

Presidential Campaign Airplane

Date: 1964
Description: The seats designated for Senator and Mrs. Goldwater on an airplane, during the 1964 presidential campaign. He and running mate, William Miller went on to l...

MacArthur for President

Date: 1951
Description: Men and women work at the campaign headquarters for the Douglass MacArthur campaign for president.

Len Schmitt Senate Campaign

Date: 08 13 1952
Description: Len Schmitt, former Progressive Party legislator from Merrill, led the Republican opposition to Senator Joseph R. McCarthy's bid for re-election. Schmitt a...

The Charles Evans Hughes Alliance Tour

Date: 10 1916
Description: Women who make up the Hughes Alliance, led by Mrs. Harry Payne Whitney, daughter of Cornelius Vanderbuilt Sr., pose on the back of a train draped with bunt...

Campaign Headquarters for the Primary Election

Date: 09 1924
Description: Several men and children pose outside the La Follette-Wheeler-Blaine-Schneider campaign headquarters before the primary election.

Nixon Campaign Headquarters

Date: 03 29 1968
Description: Workers at the Richard M. Nixon campaign headquarters in Eau Claire are, from left: Mrs. Owen Ayers, Mrs. Donald Stokes, Mrs. William Storck, and Linda Joh...

Arrival of Delegates to the Republican National Convention

Date: 1880
Description: Illustration of the arrival in a train station of the Maine and New Hampshire delegations to the National Republican Convention.

Republican National Convention

Date: 06 1880
Description: Illustration of Honorary George F. Hoar addressing a huge crowd of delegates at the National Republican Convention.

Dan's Hair Center with Political Posters

Date: 11 05 1984
Description: Barber Guy Marty poses in front of Dan's Hair Center, which has both Democrat and Republican posters in the windows.

Dwight D. Eisenhower Train Speech

Date: 09 19 1952
Description: Elevated view of Dwight D. Eisenhower addressing a huge crowd from a train platform during his "Whistle-stop" election drive.

Reagan-Bush '84 Speech

Date: 10 10 1984
Description: An unidentified speaker addresses a crowd beneath a banner that reads "Wisconsin Reagan-Bush '84".

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