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Greeting Card of Man Walking Down Street

Description: Caricature of man smoking a cigar while walking down the street. He is about to fall in a open manhole. Caption reads "If Nothing Happens I'll Be With You ...

Woman with Telescope

Description: Postcard of woman seated at table and looking through a telescope. Text reads "Look Me Up When Your [sic] In Town."

Alligators Driving Vintage Automobile

Date: 1907
Description: Two stuffed alligators appear in a 1903 Model A Cadillac automobile. One is driving, the other riding in the back seat. Palm trees and dwellings are in the...

Two Men Pointing Guns at Dog

Date: 1895
Description: Two men are standing, one on the left with a pistol, and one on the right with a rifle, both aiming their weapons at a dog, which is sitting on its hind le...

Roll of Slackers, Monroe

Date: 1917
Description: A sign outside a building reads "Slackers" and includes a list of names: David Englehardt of Browntown, and John Hoffmeister of Jords. The sign is credited...

Our Baby

Description: Comedic photograph of a man wearing eyeglasses with a drawing depicting him as a baby in a wash basin, labeled "Our Baby."

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