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Three Men and Stringed Instruments

Description: Three men, two of them standing with string instruments and the other seated.

A Musical Performance

Description: A woman with a ukulele in a household setting.

Max Roach Quintet

Date: 02 26 1957
Description: Three musicians are on a stage; an audience is in the background. One man in the foreground is playing the drums, another man is playing a tenor saxophone,...

Man Playing a Violin

Description: A man is sitting on a front stoop of a building playing a violin. He is wearing a hat and has a pipe in his mouth.

Young Cellist

Date: 11 1969
Description: A young cellist concentrating while playing his instrument.


Date: 1977
Description: A young woman conducting a music group at a concert. Musicians are in the foreground, and in the background is an audience.

Al Gullickson

Date: 1926
Description: A young man is sitting at an organ. Caption reads: "Al Gullickson, theater and radio organist, about 1926. He dedicated theater organs for the Barton Organ...

Dr. Louis Kretchmar Plays the Timpani

Date: 09 12 1957
Description: A man is using two mallets on a drum while looking over at a music stand. Caption reads: "A timpani player rehearsed with the Jewish Community Cente...

Robert Bealmear Plays the Drums

Date: 02 24 1962
Description: View of a young man, surrounded by drums in the foreground. Caption reads: "A Whitefish Bay youth, Robert Bealmear, of 5324 N. Kent av., beat the dr...

Anton Brees at the Carillon Keys

Date: 11 06 1957
Description: A man is playing a small double keyboard, from which tubes are extending. Behind him are large windows looking out towards a street scene. Across the stree...

Concert at Milwaukee Art Institute

Date: 09 24 1954
Description: Three performers are on stage together: a man playing a clarinet, a woman singing, and a man playing a piano. Caption reads: "A concert trio performed

Trolley Guitar Concert

Date: 02 25 1956
Description: Three people clapping and smiling near a man playing a guitar. Caption reads: "Railroad fans clapped to the rocking rhythm of a guitar player on a s...

United Bavarian Society Winter Festival Concert

Date: 02 10 1957
Description: A man playing a two-necked contraguitar while another man is playing a zither. Caption reads: "A bass guitar and zither were played by Hans Glieber ...

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