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Transporting the Wounded

Date: 1853
Description: "Transporting the Wounded". Wood engraving from a drawing by Seth Eastman, from the Aboriginal Portfolio by Mary H. Eastman, 1853.

Comanche Combat

Date: September 1890
Description: Combat between a Comanche (left) and a Kiowa (right) done by a Comanche boy, at Kiowa, Comanche, and Wichita Agency, Oklahoma.

War Dance

Date: September 1890
Description: A drawing of a war dance including Kiowas, Osages, and Pawnees drawn by a Comanche boy, at Kiowa, Comanche, and Wichita Agency, Oklahoma.

Wounded Knee Poster

Description: Poster of woman and child that says "Remember Wounded Knee".

Ojibwa Herbalist

Description: An Ojibwa herbalist prepares medicine and treats a patient. From the "Annual Report of the Bureau of Ethnology J.W. Powell Director 1885-1886" page 159.

Death Whoop

Description: "Death Whoop" an engraving after a drawing by Seth Eastman from the American Aboriginal Portfolio.

Indian Prophet's Lodge

Date: 1855
Description: An illustration of an Indian prophet standing by his lodge, which has symbols drawn on and floating above it. Others are seated, watching him. Two persons...

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