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Train Wreck

Date: 03 20 1956
Description: Elevated view of railroad cars laying across and around railroad tracks while workers look on and contemplate how to clean up the massive mess caused by th...

Scouts Receive Awards

Date: 05 22 1957
Description: Boy Scouts and Explorer Scouts receive the Eagle Scout rank or the Explorer Silver Award, scouting's highest awards at a scouting court of honor ceremony.

Baptism at Trinity Lutheran Church

Date: 02 09 1958
Description: The Reverend Erwin G. Tieman baptizes infants as part of a Lutheran crusade for Christ evangelism.

The Riesen Family

Date: 05 28 1955
Description: The Riesen family, John, Jeanne, Linda and Jon, playing in their home.

Winter Night Street Scene

Date: 12 01 1955
Description: Neon lights up Wisconsin Avenue on a winter night in Milwaukee.

Shooting a Refrigerator Advertisement

Date: 07 31 1950
Description: A woman wearing an apron posing with a refrigerator in a photography studio while a photographer takes a picture for advertising.

The Boardroom

Date: 1951
Description: Men in suits are sitting around an oval-shaped table while another man with his back to the camera gives a presentation.

Language Lab Reel-To-Reel Tape Machines

Date: 02 18 1959
Description: Language teachers listening to foreign languages on tape decks at an institute for public school language teachers at Mount Mary College.

Baking Christmas Cookies

Date: 12 20 1958
Description: Mother and children enjoy baking, decorating, and eating Christmas cookies.

Classroom Lessons

Date: 04 27 1956
Description: One girl is writing on the blackboard while students are sitting at their desks paying various degrees of attention at Leland School.

Acrobatic Handstand

Date: 11 15 1956
Description: A man laying on the floor provides the base for a boy to perform a handstand.

Home of the Braves

Date: 04 18 1957
Description: View from rear of two boys, in semi-silhouette, wearing baseball mitts standing and looking out over the baseball diamond from the seating area of County S...

Old Grocer in his Office

Date: 06 21 1960
Description: William Behnke goes over bills in his office at the rear of his store, which was in business since July 12, 1899.

Fans at Sporting Event

Date: 03 15 1957
Description: High school fans in the bleachers cheer on their team during a night game.

Get Out the Vote Telephone Drive

Date: 11 05 1958
Description: Women campaign workers call voters to support the Labor Political League and vote for candidates sympathetic to Labor issues.

Museum Patrons View the Gaugin Exhibit

Date: 03 17 1959
Description: Spectators view paintings by Paul Gaugin at the opening of an art exhibit at the Art Institute of Chicago.

Hospital Patient Watching Television

Date: 01 17 1958
Description: The installation of televisions in hospital rooms is a welcome addition to this patient at Misericordia Hospital.

Men Sewing

Date: 01 08 1956
Description: Men sew as a joke at a party for a prospective bridegroom. Jack Bayliss, with bow tie, is facing the camera.

One-Armed Woodworker

Date: 02 14 1958
Description: Elmer J. Schmidt makes furniture and toys in his woodshop even though he has only one arm to work with.

Fishing Boat on the Lake

Date: 08 29 1956
Description: View from shoreline of boaters sitting in silhouette beyond a pier on a lake.

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