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Tall-tale Postcard: Trout on Truck

Date: 1976
Description: Photomontage of a giant trout resting on the back of a bright red flatbed pickup truck. Children look on with awe; one is pointing at the trout. White curs...

Tall-tale Postcard: Giant Potatoes

Date: 1949
Description: Photomontage of a man riding three giant potatoes, which are resting on a flatbed horse-drawn cart. A group of three onlookers stare up at the man. Black t...

Tall-tale Postcard: My Vacation Dream

Date: 1934
Description: A fisherman is reclining in his boat at sunset as many fish swim in the lake. He is drinking beer out of a tap attached to a barrel floating in the water....

Tall-tale Postcard: A Carload of Fish

Date: 1912
Description: Photomontage of a giant fish resting on a single flatbed railroad car, next to a lake. Black text above the image field reads, "A Carload of Fish."

Tall-tale Postcard: One Montana Spud

Date: 1910
Description: A giant potato rests on a single flatbed railroad car, which is part of the Great Northern line. A white banner on the potato says, "The Way We Raise Potat...

Tall-tale Postcard: Fertile Lands with Potato

Date: 1910
Description: A giant, oddly-shaped potato rests on a flatbed railroad car. A horse-drawn carriage with a driver is visible behind the train. White bags filled with pota...

Tall-tale Postcard: Winter Scene at Little Rib

Date: January 25 1911
Description: Photomontage of a winter scene with men fishing on a frozen lake. Two men pull on the line attached to the fish's mouth, while one holds an axe above its h...

Tall-tale Postcard: Fish Near Dam

Date: June 30 1916
Description: Three men attempt to pull a giant fish onto shore using a rope. A dam spans the length of the river in the background. Red text in the upper left corner be...

Tall-tale Postcard: A Kansas Air Ship

Date: 1909
Description: Photomontage of a giant grasshopper lifting an anchored basket with a baby girl inside. The rope tethered to the basket has a large American flag attached...

Tall-tale Postcard: St. Clair Riverboat

Date: November 17 1909
Description: A riverboat travels down a narrow canal. Storefronts, sidewalks and telephone poles line either side of the canal. White text in the lower left corner says...

Tall-tale Postcard: The Daddy of Them All

Date: August 05 1922
Description: Two fishermen on a lake catch a giant fish. Both of the fishermen are wearing hats and one is smoking a pipe. A dock and the tip of a boat are in the foreg...

Tall-tale Postcard: Rabbits Are Scarce

Date: 1909
Description: Rear view of a hunter hauling away a giant rabbit through a snowy forest landscape. He is wearing a leather jacket with fringe and boots. Text in the lower...

Tall-tale Postcard: Fishing with Turtle

Date: 1919
Description: Photomontage of a fisherman in a rowboat catching a giant turtle. The male companion of the fisherman has fallen in and lost his hat amidst the excitement....

Tall-tale Postcard: Car in Lake with Fish

Description: Three men in a old-fashioned car are driving in a lake and trying to catch two giant fish near the shore. One of the men drives while the other two are try...

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