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Looking Out From Boat Cave

Description: View out to the river from Boat Cave. At the entrance of the cave are two men in a canoe. H.H. Bennett's brother, John, is the paddler in the bow of the bo...

Raftsman's Series No. 1422: On A Sandbar. Working A Jack

Date: 1886
Description: Stereograph of several raftsmen working a jack on a sandbar.

Navy Band and Tap Dancer

Date: 01 17 1944
Description: Twelve members of Navy band playing instruments on stage, with a tap dancer posing close to the floor in front of the piano.

Orpheum Theatre Ticket Girls

Date: 02 25 1939
Description: Group portrait of seven ticket girls in matching uniform tops at Orpheum Theater, 216 State Street.

Badger Liquor Shop

Date: 11 29 1937
Description: Five men (Saul Sinaiko and his son Donald Sinaiko and three others), standing in front of a liquor bottle display at the Badger Liquor Shop, 402 State Stre...

Madison Steam Dye Works

Date: 06 16 1933
Description: Madison Steam Dye Works, 116 S. Pinckney Street.

Bathers at the Willows Beach

Date: 06 18 1931
Description: Bathers at the Willows Beach, standing on the pier.

Chanticleer Ballroom Bandstand

Date: 03 25 1931
Description: Bandstand at the Chanticleer Ballroom showing the WIBA microphone above. Corner of Airport Road and Highway 12.

High School Play — Central High School

Date: 03 13 1929
Description: A scene from "Gnomes' Workshop" pantomime performed by girls from Central High School.

Rural Paved Highway

Date: 11 08 1928
Description: Stretch of paved rural highway featuring a proprietary centerline joint, looking towards Mount Horeb from the east.

Calvary Lutheran Church Altar

Date: 10 13 1927
Description: Calvary Lutheran Church altar, 713 State Street.

Fordson Tractor

Date: 07 27 1927
Description: Right side view of a Fordson tractor, which has extra rims.

Picnic Point through the Willows

Date: 1926
Description: View through willow trees on Picnic Point across University Bay of Lake Mendota on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus.

Eagle's Club Dance Hall

Date: 04 05 1946
Description: Interior view of the dance hall at the Eagle's Club, 23 West Doty Street. There are chairs and a piano on the stage. Just above the stage is a large "W," a...

Wisconsin State Capitol (Third) and Park Trees

Description: Elevated view of the third Wisconsin Capitol as originally constructed. The trees of the Capitol Park are already so large that they largely obscure any vi...

F.W. Woolworth's Interior

Date: 10 27 1955
Description: Interior of the new, self-service Woolworth's variety store at 2-8 West Mifflin Street. The view is toward the front from the balcony, showing main floor s...

Belgian-American Singer

Date: 08 31 1946
Description: Either Anton de Beck or Theuphiel Ropson, Belgian-Americans who recorded French and Walloon dialect ballads for song collector Helene Stratman-Thomas.

Waupun Prison Garden

Date: 1870
Description: Waupun Prison garden. Hill top view of garden with arched trellis and vines and men hoeing in garden; prison in background.

Workers at Lumberyard

Date: 1874
Description: Elevated view of a man with a wheelbarrow standing amid vast stacks of cut wood in the yard of a pulp mill.

Farmers Unloading Milk Cans

Date: 1876
Description: Farmers off-loading milk cans from their wagons at the creamery. One man is operating a hoist, lifting a can to pour the milk down a chute.

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