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Class on Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Date: December 06 1967
Description: Instructor teaching the harmful effects of smoking, drinking alcohol, and using drugs.

Prohibition vs. License

Date: 1884
Description: Two drawings illustrating a hyperbolic comparison between a society which permits drinking of alcoholic beverages and one that does not.

Alcohol Abuse Educational Display

Date: May 1971
Description: Educational display of the Alcohol Problems Council of Wisconsin, a descendant of the Wisconsin Anti-Saloon League, at a conference of the Wisconsin Parent...

Men Testing Breathalizer Machine

Date: 1958
Description: Robert Warren, then the District Attorney of Brown County, tries out a breathalizer machine. With him are Glenn Cunningham and Ray Bayley, officers of th...

National States' Conference on Alcoholism

Date: October 11 1954
Description: General sessions of the fifth annual meeting of the National States' Conference on Alcoholism were held at the Hotel Loraine. Left to right are Ernest A. S...

Public Order No. 1

Date: August 31 1862
Description: Photograph of a printed broadside, Public Order No. 1., issued by The Committee of Safety. The first order appears to be addressing some kind of dangerous...

Pauline Frederick

Date: 1916
Description: Pauline Frederick as Myra, wearing a kimono, reacts to the signs of her dissipation scattered on a table: playing cards, cigarettes, whiskey, the remains o...

Alcoholism Program at Mendota

Date: May 05 1961
Description: Dr. Richard Thurrell, psychiatrist, stands at the front of a classroom in Mendota State Hospital trading ideas with a group of patients who are alcoholics.

Ray Murphy

Date: May 05 1961
Description: Portrait of Ray Murphy, alcoholism counselor at Mendota State Hospital.
Magazine or Periodical

Get Thee Behind Me, [Mrs.] Satan!

Date: February 17 1872
Description: Political cartoon depicting a woman on a rocky path carrying two children and a drunken husband on her back being tempted by Victoria Woodhull depicted as...

Women Rescued from Car That Sinks into Lake Monona

Date: April 22 1965
Description: Miss Kris Natvig, 17, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. David A. Natvig, 902 W. Shore Drive, rescued Mrs. Clifford D. Kenison moments before her car sunk into Monon...

Richard Buckley, Director of City-County Alcohlism Information and Referral Center

Date: August 27 1965
Description: Richard Buckley is hired as the new director of the City-County Alcoholism Information and Referral Center. Buckley comes to Madison from Omaha, Nebraska.

Drunk Man Holding Bottle of Alcohol

Description: Drawing of a man leaning over with his left hand against a brick wall while holding a bottle of alcohol in his right hand.

Be One or Buy One!

Description: Portrait of a drunk man with a large, red veiny nose and half-closed eyes. Text reads: "Be One or Buy One!" Signed "Sid Boyum."

Prescription for Medicinal Alcohol

Date: November 01 1924
Description: A prescription for alcohol written out to Mrs. Anna Steinberg of Kenosha, Wisconsin to treat her bronchitis.

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