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Samson Passes Away

Date: November 28 1981
Description: Veterinarians examining Samson, the Milwaukee Zoo's star 32-year-old gorilla, after attempting to revive him after he had collapsed while feeding in the zo...

Rhudra Gets Surgery

Date: December 13 1985
Description: Overhead view of Rhudra, an Indian rhinoceros, receiving surgery for a non-healing wound on the sole of his right, rear foot at the Milwaukee County Zoo. T...

International C1300 Water Truck for Horses

Date: 1967
Description: Man delivering water to a horse with an International C1300 (4x4) truck. The mobile water truck was owned by the Philadelphia Society for the Prevention of...

High Cholesterol Diet

Date: March 17 1955
Description: Science fair entry using animals to test a high cholesterol diet against a control diet.

Stunning Cattle

Description: A packing house worker demonstrates the revolutionary Thor air-powered cattle stunner that was called the first successful pneumatic stunning tool for the...

Woman Nursing Lambs with Bottles

Date: 1946
Description: Mrs. Floyd French of Newton, Iowa feeds two orphaned lambs using beer or soda bottles. A Farmall tractor is in the background. According to the original ca...

Philadelphia SPCA Emergency Animal Ambulance

Date: February 25 1936
Description: Man carrying a dog to an International emergency animal ambulance owned by the Philadelphia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA).

California Anti-Vivisection Car

Date: 1929
Description: Right side profile view of an International truck with the words: "California Anti-Vivisection Car" on the side. A cat and two dogs can be seen through the...

Collapsed Horse on Street

Description: A horse in a harness is lying on its side in the street, while the other horse is standing in the harness on the left. The carriage or cart they are pullin...

Lenore Harrison Cawker with Bird

Date: 1896
Description: Studio portrait of Lenore Harrison Cawker holding a parrot on her hand.

Wisconsin Humane Society Truck

Date: November 30 1937
Description: A uniformed man carries a dog to the back of an International D-2 truck used by the Wisconsin Humane Society. The truck is parked in the driveway near the...
Map or Atlas

Drott's Conservation Guide

Date: 1935
Description: "Drott's conservation guide" map shows the locations of Indian reservations, parks, fish hatcheries, forests, lookout towers, Wisconsin Conservations Commi...

Squirrels, Police Officer, and Girls

Date: September 18 1957
Description: Police officer Edward E. Daley (left) bottle feeding one of three baby squirrels he rescued, while sisters Patty and Cathy Olstadt are looking on and bottl...

Vilas Zoo Monkeys Still at Large

Date: November 25 1960
Description: "Two Rhesus monkeys are still at large after about four months of freedom. Thirty-three monkeys escaped from a Vilas Park zoo cage on August 4, 1960. Zoo d...

Men watching Cock Fight

Date: 1910
Description: In her journal from India, Carrie mentions cock fights, describing them as a "barbaric form of entertainment". Here is shown a group of men watching one su...

Beaver Removal

Date: 1935
Description: A warden, wearing high laced boots and leather jodhpurs, is holding a beaver by the tail while standing in shallow water. A second man, wearing waders, is...


Description: Two men are helping to hold down a sturgeon on the side of a boat as a third man tags the dorsal fin.

Northern Pike Spawn Collection

Description: Two men are collecting northern pike spawn on Fox Lake. One man is standing and holding the pike's head, while the other is sitting in a chair with a conta...

Collecting Northern Pike Spawn

Description: Close-up view of two men collecting northern pike spawn on Fox Lake. One man is standing and holding the pike's head, while the other man is sitting in a c...

You Can't Keep Veterinarian Down on Farm

Date: May 19 1954
Description: Veterinarian Dr. R.H. Romaker taking a call from one of his clients.

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