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Armory/Red Gym

Date: 1926
Description: Front entrance from Langdon Street of the Armory building at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, now known as the Red Gym or Old Red.

Boathouse Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright

Date: 04 24 1899
Description: Partial view of a boathouse at the foot of North Carroll Street, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and built for the city of Madison. The University of Wiscon...

College of Agriculture Gym Class

Date: 1929
Description: Gymnasium class in the Red Gym for students in College of Agriculture short course.

University of Wisconsin-Madison Buildings

Date: 1899
Description: View along shoreline of University of Wisconsin-Madison buildings across Lake Mendota from Carroll Street. The Armory (Red Gym or Old Red), a boathouse, an...

Reunion of the Iron Brigade

Date: 09 1887
Description: A group portrait of Civil War veterans and their families pose in front of the Milwaukee armory building at the reunion of The Iron Brigade.

Progressive Convention

Date: 05 19 1934
Description: Crowd of delegates and guests at the Progressive Convention in the armory, held to launch a new Progressive Party.

Lower Campus and Armory

Date: 09 13 1932
Description: University of Wisconsin-Madison lower campus and Armory (Red Gym or Old Red), taken across library mall.

Anthracite Service Booth

Date: 06 17 1931
Description: Anthracite Service Booth at Coal Convention, U.W. Armory, with a map of the United States and various service centers. There is a coal stove on display.

The Armory from Mrs. Alden's

Date: 1894
Description: View of the Armory (Red Gym or Old Red) as seen from Mrs. Alden's on Frances Street, looking west toward Bascom Hill on the University of Wisconsin-Madison...

Armory Company G, 2nd Infantry

Date: 1906
Description: Armory Company G, 2nd Infantry.

Armory/Red Gym

Date: 12 28 1969
Description: Portion of former Norman Revival fortress the Armory (Red Gym or Old Red), featuring towers, wall slits and a stone arch doorway, on the University of Wisc...

University of Wisconsin Lower Campus

Date: 1900
Description: View across Lake Mendota towards the lower campus buildings at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Armory Turrets

Date: 03 06 1977
Description: Exterior view of the five turrets on the Armory (Red Gym or Old Red), on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus. The turrets are topped with crenels, w...

University of Wisconsin-Madison Shoreline

Date: 1900
Description: A view of the Lake Mendota shoreline, including the Armory and Gymnasium (Red Gym or Old Red) and the Old Boat House.

Langdon Street

Date: 1905
Description: Langdon Street and the lower campus of the University of Wisconsin, including the Armory (Red Gym or Old Red).


Date: 1910
Description: Exterior view of the armory. Caption reads: "The Armory, Reedsburg, Wis."

Monroe Armory

Date: 1910
Description: Exterior view across street towards the Monroe Armory. Caption reads: "Armory, Monroe, Wis."

S.A. Cook Armory Company

Date: 1920
Description: Exterior of the S.A. Cook Armory Company, no. 1. Caption reads: "S.A. Cook Armory, Co. 1, Neenah, Wis."

State Historical Society and Red Gym

Date: 1930
Description: View along the front entrance of the Wisconsin Historical Society, across Library Mall towards the Armory (Red Gym or Old Red). Caption reads: "Gymnasium f...

North Entrance of State Historical Society

Date: 1918
Description: View towards the terraced steps and balustrades leading down to the sidewalk, at the North, Langdon Street, entrance of the State Historical Society. The A...

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