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Noápeh, an Assiniboin Indian

Date: 1832
Description: Noápeh, an Assiniboin Indian, holding a bow and arrows, and wearing a horned headdress.

Tombs of Assiniboin Indians on Trees

Date: 1832
Description: Tombs made by Assiniboin Indians in trees.

Assiniboin Indians

Date: 1832
Description: Assiniboin Indians.

Dacota Woman and Assiniboin Girl

Date: 1832
Description: Dacota Woman and Assiniboin girl.

Chief Wi-Jun-Jon

Date: 1844
Description: A portrayal of the effects of contact with whites on the Assiniboine chief, Wi-Jun-Jon.

(Plate 25). "In offering this illustration to the reader, I am re...


Scorched Lightning (Assiniboine)

Description: Waist-up studio portrait of Scorched Lightning (Assiniboine), member of the Sioux Nation, in traditional costume, including a bear claw necklace.
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Carte de L'Amerique Septentrionale Depuis le 28 Degré de Latitude Jusqu'au 72

Date: 1755
Description: This map shows forts, missions, villages and cities, rivers and portages, and boundaries of the Spanish, English, and French territories, marking the large...
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Map of the European Settlements in North America

Date: 1776
Description: Map of North America east of Mexico showing important cities, the colonies, regions, Native American land, mountains, lakes, and rivers. A series of lakes,...

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