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Circus Performers Gather to View Eclipse

Description: Ringling Brothers-Barnum & Bailey circus performers gathered in front of a circus tent to view a solar eclipse. Some are wearing protective eyeglasses.
Map or Atlas

Hemisphaerium Coeli Boreale

Date: 1745
Description: Zodiac as seen from the Northern Hemisphere.
Map or Atlas

Hemisphaerium Coeli Australe

Date: 1745
Description: Zodiac as seen from the Southern Hemisphere.

Yerkes Observatory

Date: 1905
Description: View across field towards the observatory. Caption reads: "Yerkes Observatory, Lake Geneva, Wis."
Map or Atlas

Planisphaerium Terrestre

Date: 1745
Description: A two page world map featuring the Eastern and Western Hemispheres, as well as the northern and southern zodiacs. Additionally, the map is ordained with n...

La Sphere Artificielle Ou Armilaire Oblique

Date: 1745
Description: A two page illustration featuring a small globe in the center of numerous astrological spheres. Additionally, the representation features writing, in Lati...

Examining the Wisconsin Meteorite

Date: 1868
Description: Stereograph of Increase Lapham examining a fragment of a meteorite.
Map or Atlas

A New and Correct Map of the World, Laid Down According to the Newest Discoveries, and from the Most Exact Observations

Date: 1712
Description: Engraved double-hemispherical world map by Moll, included in his atlas The world described, or, A new and correct sett of maps: shewing the kingdoms and st...

Badger Village Star Gazer, Man with Homemade Telescope

Date: 1955
Description: Interior portrait of a man sitting at a kitchen table adjusting his homemade telescope. His wife is washing dishes behind him. Open shelves on the wall dis...
Map or Atlas

Carte Generale de la Terre ou Mappemonde: Avec les Quatre Principeaux Sistemes et les Figures des Sept Planetes

Date: 1760
Description: A map of the world in two hemispheres, with the borders of the continents hand-colored. This map contains 14 spherical diagrams of the cosmos, portraying t...
Map or Atlas

Planiglobii Terrestris Mappa Universalis: Utrumq Hemisphærium Orient. et Occidentale Repræsentans ex IV Mappis Generalibus

Date: 1746
Description: This world map from the German mathematician, historian, and geographer Johann Matthias Hase shows the major cities, islands, and the major political divis...
Map or Atlas

A Chart of North and South America: Including the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, with the Nearest Coasts of Europe, Africa and Asia

Date: 1775
Description: This six sheet large format map is one of the most informative maps of its time. It shows cities, Native American land, lakes, rivers, mountains, topograph...
Newspaper Article/Clipping

"Evening Record" Page Two

Date: March 15 1896
Description: Page two of the "Evening Record." The handwritten newspaper includes several hand-drawn illustrations. On the top center of the page, one illustration port...

Madison Youth with Telescopic Equipment

Date: April 10 1958
Description: A group of Madison youth inspecting and setting up their telescopic equipment for gazing at the skies. This photograph accompanied an article about the gro...

Largest Telescope in the World

Date: August 19 1948
Description: Text on front reads: "Telescope with 40 in. Lens, Largest in the World. Williams Bay on Lake Geneva, Wisconsin." On reverse: "The 40 inch telescope of the...

Yerkes Observatory Telescope

Date: 1907
Description: Text on front reads: "The 40-inch telescope of the University of Chicago Yerkes Observatory, Williams Bay, Wisconsin. The object-glass has a diameter of 40...

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