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Halloween Party at the Orpheum

Date: 10 31 1930
Description: View from the stage of a full audience of costumed Halloween party-goers in the auditorium at the Orpheum Theatre, 216 State Street.

Orpheum Theatre Interior

Date: 04 02 1927
Description: Interior view from the stage of the auditorium with balcony, at the New Orpheum Theatre at 216 State Street.

Capitol Theatre Balcony

Date: 01 23 1928
Description: Interior view of the Capitol Theatre balcony in the auditorium.

RKO Capitol Theatre

Date: 01 23 1928
Description: View from the back towards the RKO Capitol Theatre stage.

Capitol Theatre Construction

Date: 06 03 1927
Description: An interior view of the Capitol Theatre auditorium and balcony under construction.

Capitol Theatre Construction, Stage View

Date: 07 02 1927
Description: An interior view of the Capitol Theatre, 211 State Street, from the stage looking into the auditorium under construction.

Capitol Theatre Under Construction

Date: 08 03 1927
Description: View from the balcony of the Capitol Theatre auditorium under construction, looking toward the stage.

Americanization Pageant

Date: 05 18 1919
Description: Scene from Poale Zion Chasidim, an Americanization pageant held in the Milwaukee auditorium to welcome Milwaukee's new citizens.

"The Hare and the Hedgehog"

Date: 12 11 1934
Description: Longfellow School children on stage perform a scene from the folk play "The Hare and the Hedgehog." Longfellow School is located in the Greenbush neighborh...

Graduates in Caps and Gowns

Date: 06 01 1957
Description: Graduates in caps and gowns attend the graduation ceremony.

Monona Lake Assembly Meeting Pavilion

Date: 1886
Description: View from inside of the Monona Lake Assembly Meeting Pavilion looking out on a large crowd of people.

Audience at Smitty's Hall

Date: 03 26 1946
Description: Audience at Smitty's Hall, Waunakee, for the grand opening program sponsored by the Milwaukee Cheese Company, which opened a new cheese plant on April 1st.

University Students Attending Lecture

Date: 10 17 1945
Description: University of Wisconsin students attending a lecture in Room 272 Bascom Hall.

Automotives Trades Council

Date: 12 18 1944
Description: Group portrait of Automotive Trades Council members at Turner Hall, 21 South Butler Street, with Ben and Alvina Bergor, entertainers, sitting in the front ...

Eagle's Drill Team

Date: 01 18 1945
Description: Elevated view of Fraternal Order of Eagles drill team in costume forming the letter "F" in an auditorium.

Orpheum Theatre Seating

Date: 06 10 1941
Description: View of steps at the rear of the Orpheum Theatre auditorium.

Madison Civic Orchestra

Date: 12 1937
Description: Elevated view of the Madison Civic Orchestra on stage in the Masonic Temple in concert dress with instruments.

West High School Play Cast

Date: 10 12 1934
Description: Four actors standing at a table on stage in the West High School auditorium.

Central High School Band

Date: 04 20 1932
Description: Central High School band on the auditorium stage.

Dudgeon PTA Actors

Date: 02 16 1932
Description: Casts of two one-act plays presented by the Dudgeon School Parent Teachers Association in the West High School Auditorium. Plays staged were "The Trysting ...

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