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Automobile Stuck in Rural Road

Date: December 07 1915
Description: Three employees of International Harvester's Agricultural Extension Department working to free a car stuck in a muddy rural road. The original caption read...

Wedding Day Car Problems

Date: June 08 1963
Description: Bride and groom wait in the open convertible that is their transportation to their reception while a mechanic works under the hood.

AAA Display Window

Date: March 28 1939
Description: American Automobile Association display window showing Wisconsin travel brochures and pictures of tourist destinations around the state.

AAA Tow Truck

Date: February 17 1937
Description: Benjamin Knotts and a representative of Schultz Tire and Battery Service, with a Schultz tow truck parked in front of the office of the Wisconsin Division...

Damaged Greyhound Bus

Date: March 20 1934
Description: Damaged Northland Greyhound bus No. 695, left front view, in garage at 102 South Brearly Street.

Racetrack Mishap

Date: 1935
Description: A 1930's coupe sponsored by the Enterprise Transfer Co. stalls out on the racetrack after being disabled by an apparent collision. A crowd of onlookers sta...

Auto Breakdown at the State Fairgrounds

Date: October 1912
Description: A race car driver wearing a "Buick shirt" watches as his crew works on his vehicle. In the background, another car is passing the grandstand.

Changing a Tire

Date: 1923
Description: Tire blowouts were a frequent hazard of early automobile travel.

Highway Patrolman's Day

Date: 1961
Description: Photograph taken through the broken windshield of a Wisconsin State highway patrol car. The patrolmen are at the scene of an automobile accident somewhere...

Baraboo Auto Body Company Advertisement

Date: 1925
Description: Advertising blotter for the Baraboo Auto Body Co.

Tall-tale Postcard: We Stopped Here

Date: 1915
Description: Photomontage of a group of travellers in a car colliding with a steamroller. The travellers have been thrown out of their car and into the air. The words...

Tall-tale Postcard: Homeward Bound

Date: 1915
Description: Photomontage of a giant dog pulling an automobile across a landscape. The dog is running, causing the car, which is tethered to the dog's tail by a rope,...

University of Wisconsin-Madison Students near Campus

Date: May 09 1947
Description: University of Wisconsin-Madison students along State Street near The University Coop bookstore at Lake Street.

Sennett and Winslow Capture

Date: November 17 1947
Description: Buford Sennett, confessed murderer, soon after his capture at the Pomputis farm, sitting between a police officer and the driver of the car.

Tire Change in Africa

Date: January 30 1929
Description: A man stoops to change the tire of an International Special Delivery truck by the side of an African road. The truck was part of an expedition sponsored by...

Flooded Park Street

Date: July 20 1948
Description: Flooded South Park Street underpass, with car stalled in three feet of water. A train is on the railroad bridge above. A young boy and girl wearing bathing...

Vanderbilt Cup Race

Date: October 02 1912
Description: Race cars on a country road, with car #29 off the road and missing its driver. The #27 car is just about to pass, with a dust trail behind it. Spectators...


Date: 1892
Description: Group of men staging an accident. Two men stand nearby watching as three other men pose on the wheels of an overturned vehicle.

Fixing a Flat Tire on a Ford Car

Description: A man fixes a flat tire on an early model Ford automobile. Another man stands to the side of the road, and a woman wearing a hat with a large ribbon waits...

International Truck Stuck in Sand

Date: December 08 1936
Description: Men gather around an International D-40 truck stuck in soft sand on a road along a shoreline.

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