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Portrait of Samuel Marshall

Description: Quarter-length formal oval painting of Samuel Marshall, (1820-1907), banker, co-founder and President of the Marshall & Ilsley Bank.

Louis J. Petit

Date: 10 23 1913
Description: Quarter-length portrait in front of a painted backdrop of Louis J. Petit, Milwaukee banker.

Harriet Peterson and J. Edward O'Connell

Date: 10 18 1945
Description: Harriet Peterson of the State Bureau of Probation and Parole opening a savings account with J. Edward O'Connell, manager of the Savings Department of the F...

Three Men at Desk

Date: 11 08 1943
Description: Three men are gathered around a desk looking over a copy of The Teller, published by the First National Bank of Wisconsin.

Donald F. Goodrich, Teller, First National Bank

Date: 11 08 1943
Description: Portrait of Donald F. Goodrich, a teller at First National Bank.

Eugene Schwenkert, West Branch, First National Bank

Date: 11 09 1943
Description: Portrait of Eugene Schwenkert, teller at the West Branch of the First Wisconsin Bank, 905 University Avenue, taken for the Ralph Timmons Advertising Agency...

Roy F. Bergengren and Female Employee

Date: 06 10 1941
Description: CUNA (Credit Union National Association) Managing Director, Roy F. Bergengren, sitting at desk, talking to female employee.

CUNA Office in Cottage Grove Coop

Date: 02 05 1941
Description: Claire Onsgard, treasurer of the Dane County Farmers Equity Union Coop Credit Union in Cottage Grove showing member Fritz Swenson where to sign his loan ap...

C.U.N.A. Office

Date: 04 05 1938
Description: Remodeled C.U.N.A. office, 142 Gilman Street, from far end, with eight people working at their desks.

Cashiers at DeForest State Bank

Date: 09 12 1933
Description: A.A. Linde, cashier, and Carl Linde, assistant cashier of DeForest State Bank, display the ropes and gag used during a robbery of the bank.

Depositors Inside Security State Bank

Date: 09 06 1932
Description: Slightly elevated view of a lineup of depositors inside the re-opened Security State Bank.

Mrs. F.G. Ives

Date: 09 17 1931
Description: Portrait of Mrs. F.G. Ives, employee of Stoughton Bank, posing at home.

First National Bank of Edgerton

Date: 04 17 1931
Description: Interior of the First National Bank of Edgerton, with customers and tellers in cages.

Bookkeeping Department, Security State Bank

Date: 03 25 1927
Description: Four men in the bookkeeping department at the Security State Bank, 1965 Atwood Avenue. They are standing and working at machines near a row of windows that...

Indian Protest

Date: 04 26 1971
Description: Led by James White, president of DRUMS, members of the organization and sympathizers staged a protest Monday at the First Wisconsin National Bank, 743 N. W...

Suhr Residence

Date: 1914
Description: The John J. Suhr residence, 121 Langdon Street, built in 1886 for immigrant John J. Suhr, Sr. (1836-1901), who in 1871 founded the German-American Bank, la...

Rhinelander First National Bank

Date: 10 25 1927
Description: View showing the original interior of the First National Bank, with several individuals standing behind the teller stations.

J. Rodney Fusch

Date: 02 12 1947
Description: Portrait of J. Rodney Fusch, chairman of Madison's "Brotherhood Week," sitting at his disk in the First National bank, where he is director of personnel.

Harrison L. Garner

Date: 03 21 1947
Description: Portrait of Harrison Garner, vice president of Anchor Savings and Loan Company, candidate for Madison City Council.

Security State Bank

Date: 07 07 1948
Description: Maxine Hanson, 133 Talmadge Street, making a deposit from her car at Security State Bank's new drive-in deposit window at 1965 Atwood Avenue. The teller is...

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