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Beauty Queen Harvesting Cranberries

Date: 1947
Description: A young woman dressed in a bathing suit and wading boots poses for a promotional photograph for the Wisconsin cranberry industry at Thunder Lake Marsh. Two...

Bathing Beauty Slaying Giant Fish

Description: Bathing suit model posing standing in a rowboat, landing an eight-foot plastic Musky (Muskellunge).

Women in Motorboat

Date: 1941
Description: Two bathing suit-clad women demonstrating their Evinrude motorboat on a Wisconsin lake.

Memorial Union Terrace

Date: 1940
Description: Summertime view of people at tables on University of Wisconsin-Madison Memorial Union terrace, looking out to canoes and sailboats on the lake. In the back...

Counterbalance on a Sailboat

Date: 1959
Description: Two boys on the class-C scow sailboat "Bobalong III," with one boy balancing off the side while standing with one leg on the bilge keel.

Children and Adults at Wading Pool

Description: A group of children and adults at a wading pool in a park.

Motorboating at Devils Island

Description: Slightly elevated view of a wooden in-board motorboat on Lake Superior. Two men are in the front seat, and two bathing beauties are riding in the back wavi...

"Sirens of the Sea" Scene Still

Date: 1917
Description: Jack Mulhall and Louise Lovely meet on a beach surrounded by young women wearing bathing costumes composed mostly of seaweed in "Sirens of the Sea" (Univer...

Milwaukee Bathing Beach

Date: 1910
Description: Popular bathing beaches like this one on Lake Michigan offered relief from the heat as well as the opportunity to be seen in the latest fashions of the 191...

University of Wisconsin-Madison Crew Team

Date: 05 26 1931
Description: University of Wisconsin-Madison crew team holding their long oars, with coxswain on a pier on Lake Mendota.

Goodrich Steamship Lines

Date: 1930
Description: Cover from Goodrich Steamship Lines schedule, with a picture of a screw-driven passenger/freight vessel against the Chicago skyline and a beach scene in th...

Beach Scene

Date: 08 30 1953
Description: View from the beach of people swimming, playing in the sand, and sunbathing.

New Rubber Bathing Costume

Date: 01 31 1934
Description: Miss Helen King modeling a new rubber bathing costume, holding a beach ball. This was the current fashion of the day and was made by U.S. Rubber Co.

University Student Bathers

Date: 07 29 1935
Description: Standing on the Alpha Chi Omega sorority pier, Willard Grasser and Robert Estes show what is and is not permitted with regard to men's bathing suits. "The ...

Girls on Beach

Description: A group of girls in bathing costumes on a beach.

Wading Woman with Hat

Date: 1900
Description: Woman in wide brimmed hat wading in water.

Beach Toss

Date: 08 12 1984
Description: A bikini-clad woman snaps a self-portrait with a long cable release attached to a camera as she is tossed into the air by a group of men on the beach. Othe...


Date: 1955
Description: View of woman smiling and wearing a bathing suit while sitting in the back of a motorboat. She is steering the outboard motor on a lake. Behind her is the ...

Backyard Swimming Pool

Date: 07 25 1980
Description: A family relaxes by their backyard pool, while a father tosses his infant son gently in the air.

Kids at the Beach

Date: 07 10 1967
Description: A boy and girl play in the sand at the beach.

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