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Braddock's Defeat

Date: July 09 1755
Description: An important event of the French and Indian War (1754-1763) was commissioned in 1903 by Robert Laird McCormick, president of the State Historical Society o...

Old Abe and the 8th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry

Date: July 1863
Description: "Old Abe" and "Color Guard" of the Eighth Regiment, Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry, posed in uniform, outside with Old Abe on a shield perch. Likely Edward H...

Wisconsin Heights Battlefield

Date: 1856
Description: Painting by S.M. Brookes of the Wisconsin Heights Battlefield.

Gettysburg Battleground

Date: 1863
Description: Stereograph of Gettysburg battlefield showing trees and a stump. Handwritten on reverse, "On the right of our line." This is probably a reference to the te...

Gettysburg Battlefield Memorials

Description: An advertisement by the Smith Granite Company showing illustrations of various Gettysburg Battleground Memorials.

Bad Axe Battleground

Date: 1856
Description: This landscape painting by Samuel Marsden Brookes and Thomas H. Stevenson depicts a broad view of the confluence of Bad Axe and Mississippi Rivers; site of...

Battle of Chickamauga, 1863

Date: 1925
Description: "Battle of Chickamauga," an oil painting depicting a dramatic moment in the Battle of Chickamauga, painted by Alfred Thorsen after the lithograph. "Charge...

Pecatonica Battle Ground

Date: 1857
Description: Pecatonica Battle Ground.

Antietam, Dunker Church

Date: 1890
Description: Site of the Battle to Antietam, The Dunker Church. A group of men stand among trees on the left. Horse-drawn carriages are under trees on the right.

Hagerstown Pike

Date: 1890
Description: Hagerstown Pike. A brick wall and trees are along the road on the right.

Shell Hole in French House

Description: A French house in ruins. Captioned: "Julian Bryan, standing in a hole made by a shell. Notice that French houses are constructed for centuries where Amer...

War Ruins

Date: 1917
Description: Ruins of a French house. Captioned: "The first real ruins of the war that any of S.S.U. 12 ever saw. Our way to the front lead over the battlefield of th...

Passage for Attack

Description: Dirt stairs through the trench wall. Captioned: "Passages up which troops rush for an attack."

McCormick "Battle of Shiloh" Advertising Poster

Date: 1885
Description: Chromolithograph advertising poster produced for the McCormick Harvesting Machine Company showing a McCormick binder stored in a shed in the middle of the...
Map or Atlas

Map of the Battle of Point Pleasant

Date: 1876
Description: A map of the site of the Battle of Point Pleasant.

Launching Rockets During Battle of Iwo Jima

Date: 1945
Description: Soldiers firing rockets from two International M-2-4 launch vehicles during combat operations in Iwo Jima.

Iwo Jima Airfield

Date: February 1945
Description: Airfield #1, Iwo Jima, with Mt Surabachi in the distance. This image is one of many taken by Milwaukee photographer Dickey Chapelle during the assault on...

Battlefield Diorama of Soap Carvings

Date: November 01 1939
Description: Battlefield diorama made with soap carvings taken for East High School "Tower Times," 2218-22 East Washington Avenue.

Clearing Trenches

Date: June 1917
Description: British troops clear German trenches that were destroyed in battle in the Messine Ridge, Flanders.

Battle of Gettysburg Panorama #1720

Date: 1889
Description: Stereograph from the Chicago Panorama of the Battle of Gettysburg Representing Pickett's Charge at 4 P.M., July 3rd, 1863: Brooks' Brigade Moving to the Fr...

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