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La Pointe, Madeline Island

Date: 1898
Description: Old Mission Residence at La Pointe, Madeline Island.

Downtown Ashland

Date: 1891
Description: Elevated view looking west from the Knight Block. The Chequamegon Hotel and harbor are in the background.
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Map of Peshtigo Fire

Description: Map of the district of the Peshtigo fire, approximately 1,280,000 acres, in Wisconsin and Upper Michigan.

Madison from Lake Monona

Date: 1906
Description: View of Madison from Lake Monona with the Wisconsin State Capitol building in the background. This view of Brittingham Park shows a part of the park shortl...

Filling In Brittingham Park

Date: 1907
Description: A steam-powered dredge anchored in Monona Bay is filling in Brittingham Park.

Monona Bay in Madison

Date: 1904
Description: Monona Bay from the railroad trestle looking southwest, close to where the railroad tracks cross North Shore Drive, (now Brittingham Park), with old houses...
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Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, Looking Northeast

Date: 1893
Description: Bird's-eye map of Sturgeon Bay, looking Northeast. Area bordered by Church Street in top left corner, leather & Smith Bridge in bottom left corner, Lawrenc...
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Bird's-Eye View of Sturgeon Bay

Date: 1880
Description: Bird's-eye map of Sturgeon Bay. County Seat of Door County.

Ashland Ore Dock

Date: 1885
Description: Ore dock of the Milwaukee, Lake Shore, and Western Railroad, with a pile of logs in the foreground and docked ships in the background.

Chequamagon Point

Date: 1898
Description: Watercolor painting of Chequamegon Point.

Ore dock of Milwaukee, Lake Shore, and Western Railroad

Date: 1885
Description: View of the ore dock of the Milwaukee, Lake Shore, and Western Railroad. Large logs, buildings and a railroad bridge are in the foreground.

Ore Dock

Date: 1929
Description: View of an ore dock on Chequamegon Bay. Buildings on the shore of the bay can be seen, however, not the water.

Ore Docks

Date: 1920
Description: Caption reads: "Mammoth Ore Docks, Ashland, Wis." A building and roads are in the foreground. Several ore ships can be seen.

Radisson-Groseilliers House Historic Site Marker

Date: 1931
Description: View of the Radisson-Groseilliers house historic site marker in the vicinity of Ashland. The marker was unveiled at the mouth of Fish Creek on October 25, ...

Radisson Cabin

Date: 1655
Description: Front view of the Radisson cabin, the first house built by a white man in Wisconsin. It was built between 1650 and 1660 on Chequamegon Bay, in the vicinity...

Radisson and Groseilliers House Marker

Date: 1944
Description: View of the Radisson and Groseilliers marker at the site of the first house built by white men in Wisconsin. The marker is located in the vicinity of Ashla...

Memorial and Eagle Bay

Date: 1940
Description: Memorial to the Moravians who arrived in Eagle Bay in 1853.

Eagle Bay

Date: 1915
Description: View from hill across Eagle Bay with buildings and trees in the foreground. Caption reads: "Across Eagle Bay, Ephraim, Wis."

Ephraim from Peninsula State Park

Date: 1950
Description: Downtown Ephraim from Peninsula State Park, directly across the bay.

Downtown Fish Creek

Date: 1905
Description: View across field and fence downhill towards the town of Fish Creek and the bay. Caption reads: "Greetings from Fish Creek, Wis."

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