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Wisconsin State Capitol Ruins after Collapse

Date: 11 1883
Description: View of the third Wisconsin State Capitol showing the ruins of the South Wing addition after it collapsed during construction.

Looking East on West Johnson Street Toward Bassett Street

Date: 11 24 1945
Description: Looking east on 500 block of West Johnson Street toward North Bassett Street showing Irven Krause Grocery and Market, 222 North Bassett Street and Erickson...

Flower Garden at 3F Laundry

Date: 09 21 1933
Description: Flower garden at 3F Laundry, 731 East Dayton Street. Shows fence, arbor, birdhouse, and garden chairs.

Garden of "The House Next Door"

Date: 07 19 1933
Description: Garden of Ralph Warner's "The House Next Door," aka the Lovejoy-Duncan House, 11219 N. Webster Street.

B.F. Hahn and Family Picnic

Date: 1876
Description: Benjamin F. Hahn, his wife Mary and their servant Sarah Hill sit around a table with an intricately patterned cloth with bowls of apples and grapes. The wo...

Family Grouped around Table by House

Date: 1879
Description: A family is grouped around a table, including a man with a top hat, two dolls on the ground between two small girls and a woman holding a closed fan. Behin...

People in front of House with Statue

Date: 1876
Description: Two men, two women are posing in front of a frame house that has a chair, sofa, table and a small white statue on its front porch. There are three doors an...

Family at end of Path

Date: 1872
Description: A family is sitting at the end of a tree-lined path on a hill leading up to a frame house with a porch. A boy is sitting on the porch roof, which is flat. ...

Family Portrait and Brick House

Date: 1869
Description: Family around table in yard with birch trees, and brick house with addition and shutters in background; porch has plants and two bird cages hanging from it...

Executive Residence

Date: 1938
Description: This Italianate sandstone house was built in 1856 by Julius T. White at 130 East Gilman Street. The house was later owned by J.G. Thorp, whose daughter mar...

Leonard Martin's Tavern

Date: 1910
Description: View from fork in road of Martin's Tavern in Chamberlain. There is a horse and carriage with driver on the left. Three men sit or stand in front of the tav...

Martin's Tavern

Date: 1910
Description: View of Leonard Martin's Tavern in Chamberlain, with large Martin house in front.

Haney House

Date: 1925
Description: Berry Haney house, located about a mile east of Cross Plains. The stone portion of the house was built in 1840.

Reid Residence

Date: 1892
Description: A watercolor drawing by Mrs. James Reid the sister-in-law of William Reid, the homeowner.

Townsend House

Date: 1870
Description: Townsend House and grounds with elaborate birdhouse in foreground.

Federal Bird Warden

Date: 1921
Description: J.M. Eheim posing outdoors with multiple birdhouses.


Date: 1985
Description: Backyard of the Quinney house on South Third Street in DeKalb County.

Bluebird House

Date: 2001
Description: Bluebird house at the Quinney farm.

Wren House

Date: 2001
Description: Wren house on a tree at the Quinney farm.

Vine-Covered Birdhouse

Description: Man standing near Purple Martin birdhouse on a tall post, near a border of flowering bushes. There are houses in the background.

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