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Eskimo Duck Dance

Date: 1930
Description: Eskimo duck dance to celebrate the spring hunt.

Peshtigo Fire

Date: 11 25 1871
Description: Engraved view of Peshtigo Fire showing people trying to escape the flames by boat and on horseback. A team of cattle also seek refuge and several birds tak...

Old Abe and the 8th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry

Date: 07 1863
Description: "Old Abe" and "Color Guard" of the Eighth Regiment, Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry, posed in uniform, outside with Old Abe on a shield perch. Likely Edward H...

Bad Axe Battleground

Date: 1856
Description: This landscape painting by Samuel Marsden Brookes and Thomas H. Stevenson depicts a broad view of the confluence of Bad Axe and Mississippi Rivers; site of...

Old Abe on Flag Pole

Date: 1866
Description: "Old Abe The Live Wisconsin War Eagle," eagle mascot of the 8th Wisconsin Regiment painted from life perched on a flag pole.

University of Wisconsin Poultry Class

Date: 1916
Description: University of Wisconsin Poultry Class. A large group of students is standing outside near cages.

Old Abe Sitting on a Cannon

Date: 1875
Description: Old Abe, eagle mascot of the 8th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry, perched at the end of a cannon looking left with the American flag in the background. Served...

Old Abe Memorial Day

Date: 05 30 1904
Description: Chromolithograph of Old Abe, Wisconsin War Eagle. The title reads: "Memorial Day in Wisconsin Schools."
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McCormick Catalog Cover

Date: 1884
Description: Cover of an advertising catalog for the McCormick Harvesting Machine Company showing a "reaper used by ancient Gauls, First Century." The "reaper" is frame...

McCormick Catalog Art

Date: 1891
Description: Back cover illustration of the McCormick Harvesting Machine Company catalog. Shows children and adults, some of them circus performers, inside a large tent...

International Harvester Engine Service Advertising Poster

Date: 1955
Description: Advertising poster for International Harvester engine service showing two bluebirds nesting over an "IH Service" sign. Includes the text: "for the love of ...

Mural in Assembly Chamber

Date: 1934
Description: Interior of the Assembly Chamber in the Wisconsin State Capitol showing the mural painted by Edwin H. Blashfild. The painting depicts the "State of Wiscons...
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Combat between Indian Tribes

Date: 1852
Description: Illustration of the Ojibwa, the Sacs, and Foxes battling from canoes on the water.

Snags (Sunken Trees on the Missouri River)

Date: 1832
Description: Steamboat navigating through sunken trees on the Missouri River.

Offering of the Mandan Indians

Date: 1832
Description: Offering of the Mandan Indians, showing human and animal skulls.

Idols of the Mandan Indians

Date: 1832
Description: Mandan Indian standing before an idol.

Junction of the Yellowstone River with the Missouri

Date: 1832
Description: Junction of the Yellowstone River and the Missouri River.

Barman — John

Date: 1932
Description: John bartending at The Log Cabin.

Barman — Pete

Date: 1932
Description: Pete bartending at Club Simplon.

The Citadel Rock on the Upper Missouri

Date: 1832
Description: The Citadel Rock on the Upper Missouri River.

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