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Bowling at the USO

Date: 1940
Description: A USO volunteer challenges an enthusiastic soldier to a friendly bowling match.

Bronzeville All-Star Bowling Team

Date: 06 1946
Description: In the Money: The Bronzeville All-Star Bowling Team which finished in the money in the recent Wisconsin state CIO-sponsored bowling tournament.

Isaiah Pyant Bowling

Date: 1946
Description: Isaiah Pyant bowling.

UAW Local 75 Bowler

Date: 12 03 1946
Description: Eddie Wojciechowski, a member of the Cushions, the championship team of the United Automobile Workers Local 75.

Charmany Dairy Women Bowlers

Date: 02 21 1934
Description: Five Charmany Dairy women bowlers, holding bowling balls at the Madison Alleys, 121 N. Fairchild. They were winners of second place in class B at the Wisco...

Man Delivering Bowling Balls from International Scout Truck

Date: 1964
Description: Man delivering serviced bowling balls from an International Scout truck. The truck was owned by Day's Bowl-A-Dome.


Description: People bowling at an alley.


Date: 02 13 1969
Description: The Wonder Bread team, an all-female bowling team getting ready to compete.

IHC Deering Works Bowling Alley

Date: 02 19 1910
Description: Three-lane bowling alley inside International Harvester's Deering Works. The factory was built by William Deering for the Deering Harvester Company in 1880...

Maple Bluff Camp

Date: 1873
Description: Stereograph of a group of people posing by the lakeshore of Maple Bluff with tents in the background. One of the woman is holding an archery bow, two women...

Bowling at Madison Alleys

Date: 04 18 1934
Description: Louis Fiore, Captain of the Phillips "66" team, bowls at Madison Palm Garden and Bowling Alleys, 112 N. Fairchild Street.

Two Women Bowlers

Date: 02 04 1934
Description: Ella Burmeister and Avis Kidd, holding bowling balls at the Madison Alleys, 112 N Fairchild Street, winners of the women's Wisconsin state doubles bowling ...

George Oakey, Bowler

Date: 01 24 1934
Description: 66 year old George Oakey, bowler at Madison Alleys, 110 N. Fairchild Street, ready to throw his ball. He scored a perfect 300 game, a total of 1,406 in six...

Frank Ross Bowls Perfect Score, 300

Date: 11 06 1931
Description: Frank Ross posing in bowling stance after bowling perfect game in the Cosmos league at the Plaza Alleys.

Woman Bowler

Date: 02 20 1931
Description: Record setting woman bowler, Nora Kay, Janesville, standing next to Brunswick Balke Collender Co. chalk and towel stand at Madison Bowling and Billiard, 11...

Bowling Alley

Description: Four lane bowling alley built and operated by F.W. Kehl in the basement of his dance studio at 113-115 East Mifflin Street. F.W. Kehl and all his sons had ...

Men Planning a National Elks Bowling Tournament

Date: 09 04 1955
Description: Harold Lampert and E.N. (Pim) Quinn discussing their proposal to bring the 1958 Elks National Association bowling tournament to Madison in 1958. They will ...

Bowling Trophy Display

Date: 01 17 1955
Description: Bowling trophy display for American Turners' 11th Annual National Men's and 7th Annual National Women's Handicapped Bowling Tournament, March 12-May 8, 195...

First National Bank Party

Date: 11 06 1944
Description: Some of the crowd at a First National Bank party watching bowlers.

International Truck Advertising Proof

Date: 01 1954
Description: Advertising proof created by Young and Rubicam for the International Harvester Company. Features an illustration of a man bowling with the text: "You've go...

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