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Sunday in a Lumber Camp Bunkhouse

Date: 1900
Description: Sunday morning in a lumber camp bunk house.

Voyageurs in Camp for the Night

Date: 03 1892
Description: Engraving of voyageurs gathered around a fire at their camp.

Logging Crew in Bunkhouse

Date: 1900
Description: A logging crew poses inside their bunk house. In the upper left corner, one of the loggers holds a cat.

Camp at Michipicoton

Date: 1850
Description: View of Michipicoton, Ontario on Lake Superior showing a village with log structures and tents. Fishing nets are drying on poles.

Ole Emerson's Lumber Camp Bunkhouse

Date: 1902
Description: Lumbermen in their bunk house at Ole Emerson's lumber camp. Several of them have pipes in their mouths and their socks are hanging to dry.

Indian Sugar Makers

Description: Illustration of an Indian (possibly Menominee) camp of sugar makers.

Chequamegon Checking Station

Date: 07 1936
Description: Checking station at the entrance of Chequamegon National Forest in Taylor County.

Aerial View of Shelter House

Description: Aerial view of a shelter house at Copper Falls State Park.

Lumber Camp Bunkhouse

Description: Loggers gathered in the bunk house. Boots and socks dry above the stove.

Bunkhouse at Long Lake C.C.C. Camp

Description: Interior of the bunk house at Long Lake C.C.C. Camp F.

Poker Hollow Planting

Date: 1930
Description: View looking over the field and tents of the Poker Hollow Planting Crew, Moguah Unit.

International Harvester Lumber Camp

Date: 1910
Description: Housing for employees of logging and lumber operations associated with International Harvester. The housing consists of small one-room shacks in a wooded a...

Picnic with International Scout II Pickup and Camper

Date: 1972
Description: Color advertising photograph of men and women preparing for a picnic at a camp site with an International Scout II pickup and camper parked in the backgrou...

Gymnastics at Boys Busy Life Camp, Lake Keesus

Date: 1915
Description: Boys demonstrate acrobatic skills on the grounds of their summer camp.
Map or Atlas

Bird's-Eye View of Lake Geneva

Date: 1882
Description: Bird's-eye map of Lake Geneva, looking southwest, with insets of points of interest.

Lunch at Kiddie Camp

Date: 07 17 1933
Description: Children sitting at a table and having lunch at The Capital Times Kiddie Camp.

Crescent Beach Campsite

Date: 1936
Description: Crescent Beach campsite with cabins and miniature golf course by Lake Michigan.

Sunday Washing

Date: 1913
Description: The men of Rice Lake Lumbering Camp #6 do their laundry on a Sunday.

International Travelall

Date: 1971
Description: Color advertising photograph of a family enjoying a campfire near their Travelall 1010 truck and Mallard camper. The father of the family strums his guitar...

Group of Campers at McBride's Point

Date: 1879
Description: A group of campers at McBride's Point at Maple Bluff on Lake Mendota near Madison, Wisconsin. They are equipped with German exercise equipment (exercise pi...

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