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Long Lake C.C.C. Camp

Description: View overlooking Long Lake C.C.C. Camp with exteriors of buildings and flagpole.

McCormick Family at Island Lake Camp

Date: 1888
Description: McCormick family group portrait at Island Lake Camp in Northwestern Wisconsin, owned by Dr. William C. Gray (editor of "The Interior") and the McCormicks. ...

Man at Chautauqua

Date: 1906
Description: A man in bow tie and suspenders sits in front of a small tent. Next to him is a rocking chair with a sign on it that says "Don't you see I'm Lonely." Writt...

Indian Sugar Camp

Date: 1850
Description: Chippewa Indian Sugar Camp. Plate 61, preceding p. 199, vol. I, The Indian tribes of the United States: their history antiquities, customs, religion, ar...

Gymnastics at Boys Busy Life Camp, Lake Keesus

Date: 1915
Description: Boys demonstrate acrobatic skills on the grounds of their summer camp.

Girl Scouts Around a Camp Fire

Date: 10 10 1941
Description: Eight Girl Scouts kneeling around a campfire inside a campfire ring at Camp Indianola.

Girl Scouts at Camp Indianola

Date: 10 10 1941
Description: Eight Girl Scouts are standing on and near a tree at the edge of Lake Mendota, with the Madison skyline in the background at Camp Indianola.

Spring Formal at Indianola

Date: 05 16 1936
Description: Group portrait of Alpha Epsilon Phi sorority with dates at spring formal in lodge building at Camp Indianola.

Four Kids

Date: 07 10 1935
Description: Four kids at the Capital Times family welfare Kiddie Camp.

Kiddie Camp Group

Date: 07 10 1935
Description: Kiddie Camp group of 48 children prepared to attend the 10th annual Capital Times Family Welfare Kiddie Camp.

Hope Corners

Date: 10 23 1934
Description: Hope Corners with sign for "Hope Tourist Camp: Groceries, Cabins, Garage" featuring Standard Service, Red Crown Gasoline, Quaker State Oil & Penzoil. 3737 ...

American Legion Presents Cup to Kiddie Campers

Date: 09 06 1934
Description: James L. Clarke, chef de gare of the American Legion 40 et 8 presents the silver cup trophy to Johnnie, Kiddie camper boy who gained the most weight at cam...

Kiddie Camp Fair

Date: 07 29 1934
Description: Children dressed as "balloon man," "Violet and Daisy, Siamese twins," "African bushman" and "Humpty Dumpty" for Kiddie Camp Fair.

Kiddie Kamp Koncert Characters from Mother Goose

Date: 06 18 1934
Description: Howard Hoesly, Nancy Truog, Winston Sala, Arlene Herrick, Tim Harrington dressed as Mother Goose characters for the Kiddie Kamp Koncert at the Madison Woma...

Kiddie Camp Display Window

Date: 04 27 1934
Description: Three little girls, members of the Emerson Fresh Air school and the Longfellow Nutrition room, playing with puppies in the Capital Times Kiddie Camp...

Kiddie Camp Campers

Date: 09 07 1933
Description: Group portrait of Kiddie Camp children on their last day of camp, with camp buildings in the background.

Lunch at Kiddie Camp

Date: 07 17 1933
Description: Children sitting at a table and having lunch at The Capital Times Kiddie Camp.

Children in a Big Sandbox

Date: 07 17 1933
Description: A large group of children plays in a sandbox at The Capital Times Kiddie Camp.

Barbers at Kiddie Camp

Date: 08 10 1933
Description: Barbers cutting the hair of four children at The Capital Times Kiddie Camp, with other barbers and children looking on.

Children at Kiddie Camp

Date: 07 17 1933
Description: A group of children around a picnic table posing while doing crafts at The Capital Times Kiddie Camp.

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