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Lemonade Stand

Date: July 1967
Description: Several young boys selling fruit drinks, penny candy, and snow cones to parched pedestrians. A city bus is in the background.

Beechnut Gum Girls

Date: 1935
Description: Beechnut Gum girls, posed in front of an automobile, promoting the product for a national advertising campaign.

Circus Parade Passing Confectionary

Date: 1909
Description: Circus parade passing Frederick and Mary Mark's confectionary. This view is north-northeast beyond the intersection of Williamson and Dickenson Streets.

International D-2 Truck Delivering Candy

Date: 1938
Description: Man unloading boxes of "Baby Ruth" and "Butterfinger" candy bars from an International D-2 truck outside the Monona Club. The truck was owned by the Suprem...

Gumball Machine

Date: December 11 1965
Description: Boy inserting coin into a gumball vending machine in anticipation of a sweet treat.

Twins Enjoy Suckers

Date: July 21 1958
Description: Three-year-old twins at an annual twins picnic licking lollipops.

Sweet's Food Shop

Date: September 14 1931
Description: Interior view of Sweet's Food Shop at 427 (or 445) West Main Street, with display cases of candy and shelves stocked with food items.

Sucker Monocle

Date: December 28 1962
Description: Jean Meyer plays with the sucker she got at a mother-daugher Christmas holiday tea.

5 Cent Candy Vending Machine

Date: June 09 1937
Description: Coan Sletteland Co. empty 5 cent candy vending machine, with door open.

5 Cent Candy Bar Vending Machine

Date: June 09 1937
Description: View of a man's hand reaching in to fill Coan Sletteland Co. 5 cent candy bars into a vending machine filled with name brand candy bars.

Candy Bars

Date: June 09 1937
Description: Display of name brand candy bars used to fill Coan Sletteland vending machines.

Candy Vending Machine

Date: March 12 1937
Description: Copy negative of Coan-Sletteland Company U-Select-It candy vending machine.

Candy Making

Date: October 13 1934
Description: John Karch stirring a hot pot of candy syrup on a stove, while trays of finished candy are cooling on the table.

Blackhawk Country Club "Children's Day" Dress Up

Date: July 06 1932
Description: Blackhawk Country Club "Childrens Day," women's dress up golf event. Four women are wearing children's dresses and eating lollipops.

Toto the Clown with Children

Date: March 18 1932
Description: RKO clown "Toto" distributes cardboard Easter bunnies packed with lollipops from the W.T. Grant Company. This event was held in the 2nd floor playroom at U...

Woolworth's Variety Store

Date: March 30 1928
Description: Woolworth's Variety Store interior overview of Candy Department and sign, 1 E. Main Street.

Coloma Business District

Date: 1910
Description: Sidewalk of the business district. There is an awning that says "Restaurant" and "Fine Confectionary". Some horses and a horse-drawn wagon are on the left...

Brach's Candy Shop Display

Date: June 21 1948
Description: Brach's Candy Shop display at Mel's Grocery Store, 1204 West Dayton Street with other grocery items in background.

Child at Candy Case

Date: May 07 1964
Description: Americus Kates, 10, surveys the candy case before making his selections.

Expanded Metal Material Valentine Heart

Date: February 04 1949
Description: Expanded metal material Valentine heart with six boxes of Keeley's Old Fashioned Chocolates, developed by Research Products Co.

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