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Carpenters' Union

Date: 1953
Description: A group of carpenters pose in front of an unfinished building. The caption reads "Carpenters union donate wages to community fund".

School Boys Making the Frame of a Fly Trap

Date: 1913
Description: Two boys at work indoors constructing the wooden frame of a fly trap at their school.

School Boys Using Wood Tools

Description: Two boys of different ages using wood tools, including planes and files, during a classroom exercise.

Carpenter at IHC McCormick Works

Date: September 1908
Description: Carpenter standing with his hand on a C. Parker bench vise attached to a work bench at International Harvester's McCormick Works. The McCormick Works was b...

Sherman Park House Under Construction

Date: April 03 1930
Description: Steve Schmidt house under construction in Sherman Park subdivision. The house is located at 1406 Farragut Street.

Samuel Brown

Date: 1856
Description: Quarter-length oval portrait of Samuel Brown. He was born in Massachusetts on January 8, 1804, and came to Wisconsin in November of 1834. In late 1835, B...

Barn Raising in Cross Plains

Description: Workers pose on the frame of a barn they are building.

Bass Home on Clay Street

Date: 1897
Description: Two carpenters pose on the front porch of the Bass family home at 207 Clay Street in the fall of 1897. The Gibbs Brothers, of Packwaukee, were the archite...

Historic Workbench of Deming Fitch

Date: June 25 1948
Description: A workbench is pictured on which the desks for the first state constitutional convention in 1848 were made by Deming Fitch, its former owner. Mr. Fitch, wh...

Factory Built Housing

Date: March 08 1946
Description: Employees of the Plastics Division of Consolidated Paper Company shingle a roof in a factory. The roof was then taken to the building site for final assem...

Luther Fairfield Crosby

Date: February 26 1914
Description: Quarter-length studio portrait of Luther Fairfield Crosby, Milwaukee carpenter.

Remodeling 1374 Williamson St.

Date: April 20 1950
Description: View across street towards two men working to remodel 1374 Williamson Street into William and Isabel Schlick's jewelry shop. Lloyd Foust was the general co...

Woodworking Shop

Date: November 18 1937
Description: Workers operate machinery inside a woodworking shop. All equipment in the shop was powered by an International P-12 power unit.

Men in Wood Shop

Date: October 18 1937
Description: Workers use machinery inside a woodworking shop owned by H.P. Ghent. An International P-12 power unit is on the left side of the room.

Watch House at Quad Cities Tank Arsenal

Date: November 20 1942
Description: Men constructing guard towers at International Harvester's Quad Cities Tank Arsenal. Buildings and a vehicle are in the background.

Bates Home Under Construction

Description: Exterior view of front of the house of Daisy and L.C. Bates. The house is under construction. The walls and roof have been built, and a pile of bricks are...

Carpenter's Union Award

Date: December 26 1951
Description: George Meyer, left and Gustave H. Sander, center, receive an award for 50 years of continuous membership in the AFL United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Jo...

New York State Reformatory

Description: A view of a trade school carpentry class. Men are in the process of working at their benches. Light comes in through the windows to the left. Printed in...

United States General Hospital

Date: 1920
Description: View of blind men learning carpentry skills at the United States General Hospital No. 7, as designated by the surgeon-general in 1918. Intended for returni...

Men and Women Woodworking Outdoors

Date: August 1919
Description: A large group of men and women, probably teachers, stand outside at work benches assembling wood products, which include nail boxes and benches.

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