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St. Augustine's Roman Catholic Church

Date: 1924
Description: North view of Saint Augustine's Roman Catholic Church, which was designed and built by the Dominican priest Rev. Samuel Charles Mazzuchelli in 1844.

Re-dedication of St. Raphael's Cathedral

Date: 03 10 1955
Description: Re-dedication of St. Raphael's Cathedral. Elevated view of people sitting in pews for a service. Newspaper caption reads: "Resplendent St. Raphael Cathedra...

Saint Raphael's Cathedral

Date: 1955
Description: Elevated view of Saint Raphael's Cathedral, 216 West Main Street, with the Dane County Courthouse, 207 West Main Street, in the right background and the Pa...

Corn and Brats on the Grill

Date: 06 25 1988
Description: St. Dominic's Catholic Parish members tend the grills at their annual festival.

Selling Dried Corn At the Municipal Market

Date: 1918
Description: A member of the Dane County Council of Defense Food Board Women's Committee sells dried corn at the farmer's market. Women's organizations sold wheat subst...
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Cardinal Paul Cullen

Date: 11 30 1878
Description: Illustration of the late Cardinal Paul Cullen, Roman Catholic archbishop of Dublin.
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Going To Mass

Date: 07 09 1870
Description: Irish people on the way to mass, including children surrounding the priest.

Holy Redeemer School Play

Date: 05 20 1945
Description: Students play cast in costume on stage at Holy Redeemer Catholic School 140 West Johnson Street.

Portable Confessional

Date: 11 10 1944
Description: Portable confessional, manufactured by Burgess Manning Company, set up in front of the altar at Blessed Sacrament Church, 2119 Rowley Avenue.

Holy Redeemer School Play Cast on Stage

Date: 05 24 1943
Description: Cast of Holy Redeemer School play on stage. Children are standing and kneeling in prayer in front of a shrine containing a student dressed as the Virgin Ma...

St. Patrick's Church Confirmation Group

Date: 06 13 1943
Description: St. Patrick's Catholic Church Confirmation class and priest on the steps of St. Patrick's Churck at 410 East Main Street.

Father Flad's First Mass

Date: 06 20 1942
Description: Altar of Blessed Sacrament Church, 2119 Rowley Avenue where Father Paul N. Flad is celebrating his first Mass.

Father Flad's First Mass

Date: 05 20 1942
Description: Father Paul N. Flad faces the congregation during his first Mass at Blessed Sacrament Church, 2119 Rowley Avenue, with priests and altar boys kneeling in p...

Edgewood High School May Crowning

Date: 05 29 1942
Description: Students gathering in front of Edgewood High School, 1000 Edgewood Avenue, waiting for Mass to begin, with May Crowning procession in the foreground.

Holy Redeemer Church, First Holy Communion

Date: 05 17 1942
Description: Group portrait of Holy Communion class, Holy Redeemer Catholic Church, 140 West Johnson Street.

Blessed Sacrament Boys' Choir

Date: 06 11 1941
Description: Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church boys' choir grouped in front of the altar, with The Reverend James A. McInerney (Father Mac) in their midst. The church i...

St. Patrick's 8th Grade Graduation

Date: 06 12 1941
Description: Group portrait of St. Patrick's eighth grade graduation class, with a priest in front of the altar, 410 East Main Street.

Portrayal of the Madonna

Date: 12 08 1931
Description: A girl posing in costume in her role as the Madonna from a Central High School play.

Girls Pray

Date: 1950
Description: Two little girls kneel before an altar that is holding statues and a creche.

Edgewood May Crowning Mass

Date: 05 29 1942
Description: Students and nuns kneeling outside of Edgewood High School, 1000 Edgewood Avenue during the May Crowning Mass.

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