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Husking Corn

Date: 1903
Description: Elevated view of the Krueger family husking corn. From right to left are: Mary, Sarah, August, Florentina, and Jennie Krueger. A dog is lying on the ground...

Krueger Children on Front Porch

Date: 12 1905
Description: Edgar and Jennie Krueger are sitting on the front porch of the Krueger home with an Edison Standard phonograph sitting on a chair between them. Two Edison ...

Farm Family Outdoors

Date: 1900
Description: Farm family posing in front of a log home. There is a man on crutches in the center, a woman is holding a small child standing on a table, and two children...

Nellie Jane Manning

Description: Full-length portrait of Nellie Jane Manning.

Cat in Rocking Chair

Date: 1905
Description: Jennie and Edgar Krueger's cat Tramp dressed up in old boys' clothes and sitting in a rocking chair. The cat has its paws on a board that has been placed o...

Ganna Walska Holding a Cat

Date: 1921
Description: Studio portrait in front of a painted backdrop of Ganna Walska, Polish opera singer, holding a cat. At the time this picture was taken, Ganna Walska was th...

Professor Edward Ross in Tahiti

Date: 07 11 1933
Description: Group portrait of Professor Ross and five friends in native dress in Tahiti. Two of the people are sitting on a stack of logs, with a cat sitting between t...

Outdoor Portrait of Cat

Date: 11 23 1930
Description: Portrait of cat sitting outdoors. Taken for Mrs. Bert Wells, 2026 Gregory Street.

Portrait of Cat Sitting Indoors

Date: 11 23 1930
Description: Indoor portrait of a cat sitting on a table in front of a lamp. Taken for Mrs. Bert Wells, 2026 Gregory Street.
Magazine or Periodical

Santa Claus and New Year

Date: 1878
Description: Cartoon of "Santa Claus Belated" by a fireplace delivering toys and speaking to a figure representing New Year 1878 saying: "Here we are again."

Husking Corn

Date: 1910
Description: Edgar Krueger, Frank Albert Goetsch, and Anson Dewey Goetsch posing while husking corn on the Krueger farm.

Jennie Krueger Bruetzman and Tramp

Date: 12 1905
Description: Jennie Krueger sitting in a rocking chair on a porch holding her cat Tramp, who is dressed in baby clothes.

Weighing Kittens

Date: 07 1905
Description: Edgar and Jennie Krueger outdoors in the yard. Edgar is sitting on a concrete planter holding a kitten in his lap. Jennie is kneeling in the grass weighing...

Washing Windows

Date: 01 13 1956
Description: Edna Kern washing the windows outside her house. A cat is lying on the lawn in the foreground.

Abraham Schmocker Seated Outside His Log Cabin

Date: 1885
Description: Abraham Schmocker, a "hermit" who lived in "Stumptown" near Alma, seated on a bench outside his log cabin, holding a kitty.

First Dutch Settlers

Description: Dutch family posing outside their log home with two horses.

Children Standing in front of Wooden Fence

Date: 1872
Description: Six children standing in front of a wooden fence that has posts and a picket fence gate. A cat is sitting on the wooden walk behind them and their mother i...

Trimpey House

Date: 1930
Description: Exterior of the residence of Edwin B. and Alice Kent Trimpey, showing front entrance with columns, with a porch and plants above. A cat looks out of the wi...

California Anti-Vivisection Car

Date: 1929
Description: Right side profile view of an International truck with the words: "California Anti-Vivisection Car" on the side. A cat and two dogs can be seen through the...

Wetzel Residence

Date: 1966
Description: Button factory at the Wetzel residence. At one time, bone buttons were manufactured in this building. A cat and a hand pump are in the foreground.

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