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International Harvester Stock Certificate

Date: 1906
Description: International Harvester Company stock trust certificate. American Bank Note Company

Fabric from 1903 Flyer

Description: A piece of fabric (approximately 1" x 1") from the 1903 Wright Flyer. It is attached to a certificate and includes a photograph.

Vilas Flying Certificate

Date: 1915
Description: Certificate issued to E.M. Griffith, the Wisconsin State Forester, so that Griffith could prove that he had flown at an altitude of 1600 feet in the "flyin...

Stock Certificate of the Watertown and Madison Railroad Company

Date: July 17 1857
Description: A stock certificate of the Watertown and Madison Railroad Company, one share #85, issued to Darwin Clark for the sum of $50.00. This was signed by the rail...

Fire Fighter's Diploma

Date: 1869
Description: Diploma awarded to fire fighter James Richard Cummings for his service to Madison in 1869. The diploma is illustrated with scenes of fire fighting heroics,...

Early Birds Certificate

Date: 1928
Description: Cerificate awarded to Arthur P. Warner, the first Wisconsin man to fly, by the Early Birds, an organization formed to honor individuals who flew before 191...

Children with Diplomas around Table

Date: 1874
Description: A large group of children are seated at a long table loaded with desserts. The boys sit on the left and girls on the right. Many are clutching what appear...

American Federation of Laundry Workers

Date: July 02 1947
Description: Presentation of certificate, American Federation of Laundry Workers International Union, with two men and one woman, taken in the Colonial Room at the Hote...

Grand Army Certificate

Date: 1881
Description: Grand Army of the Republic certificate awarded to William H. Upham and signed by Lucius Fairchild.

Receptionist at Rennebohm Home Office

Date: 1979
Description: A receptionist is seated at her desk in the Rennebohm home office, 2300 Badger Lane.

Progressive Emancipation Bond

Date: 1924
Description: "Progressive Emancipation Bond" certificate for contributions to the Progressive Party for the 1924 presidential campaign in which La Follette was running...

Supreme Court Certificate

Date: 1857
Description: Certificate signed by La Fayette Kellogg admitting George E. Bryant to practice law before the Supreme Court of Wisconsin. The certificate bears the seal...

Athenaean Society Certificate

Date: 1857
Description: Membership certificate of the Athenaen Society of the University of Wisconsin presented to Charles Fairchild in 1857. The society was a student literary an...

Swiss Baptismal Certificate

Date: 1812
Description: Swiss baptismal certificate, Glarus.

Commencement at Camp Randall

Date: 1954
Description: Graduation at Camp Randall at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

City of Milwaukee Liquor License

Date: 1917
Description: License from the City of Milwaukee granting Arthur Gerth permission to sell alcohol at 1222 12th Street.

C.D. Lehman Receiving Certificate

Date: June 28 1945
Description: C.D. Lehman, superintendent of the State Public School, Sparta, receiving a certificate of service from Herman A. Kloppmann, board president, with A.W. Bay...

Plumbers Union Card

Date: May 21 1947
Description: Fifty-year-old Plumbers Union card, the first issued by the Madison Plumbers Union, Local 167, in 1897. Shown are signatures of Walter J. Hyland, secretary...

NAACP Certificate of Merit for Father Groppi

Date: 1968
Description: Certificate of Merit presented to Father James E. Groppi of Milwaukee on January 7, 1968, for his work as Advisor of the Milwaukee NAACP Youth Council. The...

Governor Oscar Rennebohm and Professor Chester V. Easum

Date: May 15 1948
Description: Pictured are Professor, Chester V. Easum, University of Wisconsin history department, at left, shown as he presented a case containing relics from the Brit...

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