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Milwaukee Harvesting Equipment Advertising Poster

Date: 1913
Description: Advertising poster showing a Milwaukee brand mower, grain binder, hay rake and reaper manufactured by International Harvester Company. Features a color ill...

Titan Tractor Advertising Poster

Date: 1919
Description: Advertising poster of World War I veteran returning home to family, farm and new Titan 10-20 tractor. The caption on the poster reads: "Look what dad bough...
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Saving the World From Starvation Advertisement

Date: 1922
Description: Color advertising flyer entitled "Saving the World From Starvation." Features an illustration of a man in a suit and hat and a farmer looking at McCormick-...

Newborn Chick

Date: March 19 1963
Description: Eggbert, the baby chick, waits for his siblings to hatch in a home incubator, under the watchful eyes of a young boy and girl.

Group Portrait of Mother and Children in front of Sod Farmhouse

Date: 1905
Description: View of farm woman and her two children posing in front of sod farmhouse on poor plot of land. The woman is sitting in a chair near the open front door. A...

Children Petting Rooster

Description: Young boy and girl petting a rooster. The girl is sitting in a small wooden wagon.

Roasting Chickens

Date: January 23 1957
Description: A man clad in a chef's apron tests a pan of chicken for doneness.

Miller's Chicken Hatchery

Date: March 10 1937
Description: Miller's Hatchery, 2620 E. Washington Avenue, featuring Mother Miller's Chicks.

Baby Chicks at Hatchery

Date: January 15 1936
Description: Two trays of baby chicks at Klinke Hatchery, 1918 Winnebago Street, showing contrast between chicks fed with Jarvis egg mash and those who weren't.

Klinke Hatchery

Date: May 29 1935
Description: Interior of Klinke Hatchery, 1918 Winnebago Street, with employee pouring water into tray of chicken cages, and bags of Vig-o-ray starting mash in view.

Klinke Hatchery Incubators

Date: February 28 1935
Description: Three drawers full of baby chicks as they emerge from one of the big incubating machines at the Klinke Hatchery, 1918 Winnebago Street.

Vit-O-Ray Egg Laying Contest

Date: March 04 1935
Description: View inside storefront towards a dozen chickens in cages. They are finalists in the Vit-O-Ray egg laying contest for Klinke Hatchery, 1918 Winnebago Street...

White Leghorn Hen

Date: January 22 1935
Description: Two views of white leghorn hen, Herb's Hatchery.

Chicken "Basket" Lunch

Date: January 06 1933
Description: Fried chicken "basket" lunch (basket was a 2-pound loaf of bread hollowed out and toasted into which the chicken pieces are placed and then delivered) on a...

Jaywalking Hen

Date: February 23 1931
Description: View of a hen, a barred Plymouth Rock, found jaywalking on University Avenue, in the city jail.

Man Weighing Chickens

Date: July 30 1929
Description: Man weighing chickens on a Toledo scale at the Southern Wisconsin Produce Company, located at 638-40 West Main Street.

International L-160 Truck Delivering Chickens

Date: 1950
Description: View of a man delivering chickens to Lyons Produce, Poultry and Eggs with an International L-160 truck.

Florentina Feeding Chickens

Date: 1915
Description: Florentina Krueger feeding chickens in the yard.

Watering the Laying Hens

Date: January 13 1956
Description: Edna Kern in the hen house watering the laying hens.

Little Girl with Rooster

Date: 1920
Description: Portrait of a young girl sitting on a stool holding a rooster in her lap, in front of Sunnyside School. The girl was participating in a third year "living...

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