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Two Children Holding Puppy

Date: 04 28 1968
Description: Two children holding a puppy.

Boy with Fawn

Description: Young boy petting a fawn deer.

Dressing up the Dog

Description: A girl sits in a rocking chair as a young woman commands a dog who is dressed in dark clothing to sit. A piano or organ is in the background.

Boy with Dog Pulling Wagon

Description: Three small children with a wagon drawn by a dog.

Anita McCormick Blaine, Emmons Blaine, Jr., and Dog

Date: 1898
Description: Family studio portrait of Anita McCormick Blaine (1866-1954), her son, Emmons Blaine, Jr. (1890-1918), and a family dog. They are posing in front of a pain...

Young Boy Inspects Bird Nest on Farmall H Tractor

Date: 1952
Description: Young boy inspecting a robin's nest on the engine of a Farmall H tractor. Original caption reads: "Spring-time on the farm. Even though his father uses thi...

Easter Bunnies Pay a Visit

Date: 04 04 1969
Description: Rabbits as big as 6-month-old Jennifer Tetzlaff sit in and near an Easter basket while she plays with cellophane "grass."

Kiki, the Pet Crow

Date: 10 18 1966
Description: Michelle Miller smiling at Kiki, her family's pet crow, as he perches on her arm.
Book or Pamphlet

Osborne Advertising Catalog Cover

Date: 1905
Description: Front cover of an advertising catalog for International Harvester's Osborne line of farm implements. Features a chromolithograph illustration of a young bo...
Book or Pamphlet

Lily Cream Separator Catalog

Date: 1914
Description: Cover of an advertising catalog for International Harvester's Lily line of cream separators. Features an illustration of a young girl holding an apple behi...

Krueger Children Feeding Calves

Date: 04 04 1904
Description: Edgar and Jennie Krueger feeding calves through the barn door.

Twin Calves

Date: 04 1906
Description: Edgar Krueger with twin calves wearing small ox collar.

Krueger Children with Dog

Description: Edgar and Jennie Krueger as toddlers standing next to a dog perched on a chair made from a log.

Children at County Fair

Date: 1925
Description: Children with heifers at a county fair in Northern Wisconsin.

Siblings at the Green County Fair

Date: 07 31 1959
Description: A brother and sister pose with their calves at the Green County Fair.

Alice in Dairyland, Mary Ellen Jenks

Date: 1953
Description: Mary Ellen Jenks, the 1953 Alice in Dairyland, inspecting a frog with three young boys.

Boy & Girl at Vilas Zoo

Date: 09 09 1940
Description: Boy and girl at the Henry Vilas Zoo, looking at elephant cage, and donkey cage while getting a drink from the fountain. Taken for Manchesters Department St...

Louis Dahl's Livery

Description: Louis Dahl's Livery and Feed Stable.

Our Lady of Fatima Shrine

Date: 03 20 1955
Description: Our Lady of Fatima Shrine at Saint John the Baptist Catholic Church in Waunakee including statues of Mary, three children, and three lambs, alternate view.

Calf for the Fair Competition

Date: 1942
Description: Phyllis Paulson of Stoughton with the calf she planned to enter in the Junior Fair competition at the Wisconsin State Fair. The calf's name was Elsie, perh...

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