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Christmas Tree on Bascom Hill

Date: 1960
Description: Elevated view looking east from Lincoln Terrace on Bascom Hill on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus. The Lincoln Monument is in the foreground and...

R.J. Thomas Playing Santa Claus

Date: 12 21 1947
Description: R.J. Thomas playing Santa Claus for children of Allis-Chalmers strikers. "Santa Claus Has Come To Town: You may not know it but that's UAW-CIO Vice-Preside...

Performers at UAW Christmas Party

Date: 12 13 1947
Description: Children of members of Local 75, United Automobile Workers (Seaman Body Company) performing at the union Christmas party. There are accordion players and a...

Rennebohm Christmas Party

Date: 12 12 1944
Description: Group portrait of children and a few adults, dressed in coats and hats, posed with a man dressed as Santa Claus, at Rennebohms Drugstore #12, 2526 Monroe S...

Christmas Day

Date: 1917
Description: A scrapbook page containing three images depicting John A. Commons (presumably) in his World War I uniform, individually and with his parents.

Fred R. Zimmerman Christmas Card

Description: Secretary of State Fred R. Zimmerman's Christmas card.

Rexall Drugstore

Date: 12 14 1977
Description: Man sweeping the walkway and entrance of the Rio Rexall Drugstore. The windows are decorated for the Christmas holiday.

Happy New Year from Trukenbrod's

Date: 1919
Description: W.F. Trukenbrod posing on the sidewalk underneath the awning of his store for this New Year's postcard. Text on right reads: "We Wish You A Happy New Year ...

Meeting Santa Claus

Date: 12 22 1956
Description: Apprehensive young child on Santa's lap.

Badger Bus Lines Christmas Party

Date: 12 09 1947
Description: Group portrait of the Badger Coaches Inc. and Meier Truck Sales employees Christmas party at the Nakoma Country Club.

Mr. and Mrs. Alex Krueger

Date: 12 24 1901
Description: Alex Krueger and his wife decorating a Christmas tree in their home. Flash picture.

Krueger Children at their First Christmas

Date: 12 26 1900
Description: Jennie, in rocking chair, and Edgar Krueger, on a rocking horse, with small Christmas tree and toys, including wagon, blocks, and doll, displayed outside o...

Downtown Milwaukee

Date: 1930
Description: Elevated view down Wisconsin Avenue looking west, with the RKO Riverside Theatre on the right, and a large Christmas sign on the corner of a building on th...

Children by Christmas Tree

Date: 01 1905
Description: Young children, Jennie and Edgar Krueger, playing with toys near their family Christmas tree.

International Truck Carrying Clowns in Parade

Date: 1928
Description: International Model S speed truck carrying reindeer and men dressed as clowns, Eskimos, and Santa Claus during a winter parade. A blanket on reindeer reads...

Television for Patients

Date: 1950
Description: Hospital or nursing home patients are able to view television in their rooms.

McCormick Works Illuminated on December Night

Date: 12 21 1928
Description: Elevated view of International Harvester's McCormick Works lit up on a December night. A very large lit Christmas tree is on the roof of the building. A si...

Employees at Office Christmas Party

Date: 12 1928
Description: International Harvester employees standing around a Christmas tree and Santa Claus during an office party. Many of the workers are wearing party hats and s...

Christmas Mail

Date: 10 12 1944
Description: Fred Boyle, clerk at the post office, looks overwhelmed surrounded by a mountain of Christmas parcels to be sorted for shipment overseas to men and women i...

Baking Christmas Cookies

Date: 12 20 1958
Description: Mother and children enjoy baking, decorating, and eating Christmas cookies.

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