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Schadauer Tobacco Store

Date: 1880
Description: A man posing in the open doorway of Julius Schadauer's tobacco shop at 101 State Street. The sign above the doorway reads: "Schadauer of Cigars Fact. No 62...

Joe's Place

Date: 05 20 1931
Description: Interior of Joe's Place with bartender, possibly Joseph Puccio. The bar was located at 786 W. Washington Avenue in what was known as the Greenbush neighbor...

Salesman Delivers Cigars to Seattle Diner and Dance Club

Date: 11 15 1934
Description: Salesman delivering boxes of cigars to a Seattle diner and dance club. Parked along curb is International C-series delivery truck owned by L. Marks and Co....

Group of Workers Posing on Flat Cars Loaded with Lumber

Date: 09 21 1914
Description: Group portrait of men posing while standing and sitting on two small flat cars linked to each other. One of the cars is loaded with lumber. Another set of ...

Revelers Celebrating the End of Prohibition

Date: 1933
Description: Men and women celebrating the end of Prohibition, around a table with bottles of various alcoholic beverages. They are holding a sign that reads: "In Compl...

Gentleman Shopping for Cigars

Date: 1895
Description: Will Viel chooses a cigar in Margraff & Freiburger's Dry Goods Store.

Dealer Preparing Truck

Date: 11 22 1937
Description: McCormick-Deering dealer Edward Gumienick smoking a cigar as he is loading dairy equipment into his International truck for a sales "canvassing" trip. His ...

Opening to No. 2 Mine

Date: 12 11 1918
Description: Two men, at least one of them a miner, standing in front of the no. 7 opening to the no. 2 mine. Benham was a "company town" created by International Harve...

Bartenders Pouring Drinks

Date: 03 10 1937
Description: Two bartenders pour drinks for customers at the Circular Bar in the Park Hotel.

Babe Ruth

Date: 10 15 1934
Description: Babe Ruth, wearing a dressing gown, standing in the doorway of a train car and signing autographs.

Union Newsstand at Depot

Date: 02 17 1934
Description: Interior of the Union Newsstand at the Chicago and North Western railroad depot, 219 S. Blair Street, showing cigars and magazines.

Circus Canvasman at Work

Date: 07 14 1897
Description: James Whalen, boss canvasman with the Ringling Brothers circus, at work in a van.

Interior Barber Shop

Date: 1874
Description: A highly decorated barber shop interior, possibly Wellman's, with a view of chairs, mirrors and a glass display case with cigars. In the back of the shop i...

Wellman's Barber Shop

Date: 1874
Description: A highly decorated barber shop interior, possibly Wellman's, with three barbers and three customers. Two men are about to get shaves. A glass display case,...

Studio Portrait of Men with Cigars

Date: 1895
Description: Studio portrait of Jake Hubert (wearing the watch chain), and another man, both smoking cigars and wearing hats and standing in front of a painted backdrop...

Oscar (Boney) Halverson on Steps

Date: 1895
Description: Oscar (Boney) Halverson smoking a cigar on the front porch of a house. He is wearing a shirt with collar, bow tie, suspenders, and high, laced boots, and i...

Rennebohm's Interior

Date: 1925
Description: Interior views of the new Rennebohm Drug Store #1, 1357 University Avenue at the corner of Randall Avenue, including the soda fountain and tables on the le...

Cigar Maker Ad

Description: Trade card of H. Rolfs Cigar Manufacturing Co. of Milwaukee advertising their Golden Horn cigars. The card depicts a cartoon-like drummer with the caption:...

Vietnam Strategy Meeting

Date: 1971
Description: Secretary of Defense Melvin Laird, and several cigar-smoking officers are listening to a presentation about the war in Vietnam.

Martin, Bill and Bruce Brown with their Lionel Train Set

Date: 1962
Description: Crewman are Brown and sons, Bill, 13 (right), and Bruce, 9. They plan to call their road the MBB Granite Railroad--for Martin, Bill, Bruce, and Montello, w...

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