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Margery Bish Hanging Clothes on Clothesline

Date: 1890
Description: Margery Bish as a little girl. She is wearing a striped dress while hanging clothes on a clothesline. There is a doll behind her on the right.

Madison Theatre

Date: 11 17 1936
Description: Refurbished facade of Madison Theatre, 111 Monona Avenue. The building includes the temporary quarters of Savidusky's Cleaners and Dyers.

Land Clearing Special Train

Description: Land clearing special train in a field.

Woman Sweeps Debris at Deering Works Twine Mill

Description: Woman sweeping up debris in a warehouse at International Harvester's Deering Works twine mill. The factory was owned by the Deering Harvester Company until...

Man Washing a 10-20 Tractor

Date: 1942
Description: Man washing the grime off a McCormick-Deering 10-20 tractor in the service department of an International Harvester dealership.

Window Washer

Date: 05 14 1989
Description: A man leans out a window to clean the outside glass.

Mr. Mullarkey with Glider Display

Date: 04 02 1946
Description: Mr. Mullarkey (probably Leo R. Mullarkey) standing beside Glider Home Laundry and Dry Cleaning Agitator, Washer and steam garment press with Vel Colgate so...

3-F Laundry Boys Baseball Team

Date: 05 14 1938
Description: Outdoor group portrait of 3-F Laundry boys' baseball team, with 12 boys in uniform, and two men dressed in suits, in front of the 3-F Laundry plant, 731-74...

Savidusky's Cleaners

Date: 05 14 1937
Description: Clerk and customer at Savidusky's cleaners, located at 113 Monona Avenue.

Savidusky 's Cleaners Plant

Date: 05 14 1937
Description: Three men pressing garments at Savidusky's Cleaners plant, 827 E. Washington Avenue.

Madison Theatre at Night

Date: 11 19 1936
Description: Night view of the Madison Theatre at 111 Monona Avenue. Two women are in the box office. The marquee reads "Premiere Opening Day." Jimmy Dodge's restaurant...

Quality Laundry Service Building

Date: 04 28 1935
Description: Quality Laundry Service building at 10 N. Charter Street. Sign reads: "Wet Wash, Rough Dry."

Pantorium Cleaners Truck

Date: 10 25 1934
Description: Delivery truck for Pantorium Cleaners, 558 State Street, with Hanks mansion, located at 525 Wisconsin Avenue, in the background among trees.

Varsity Hand Laundry Employees

Date: 05 17 1934
Description: Interior of the Varsity Hand Laundry, located at 527 State Street. There are four women ironing, and several workers are standing behind them. A sign in th...

Cardinal Hand Laundry

Date: 04 18 1934
Description: Interior of the Cardinal Hand Laundry, 619 State Street. Two women are ironing, while another woman is folding clothes while under the attention of their m...

Laundress at Madison General Hospital

Date: 02 06 1934
Description: Older woman laundry worker folding items at a table in front of industrial laundry equipment, in the laundry at Madison General Hospital.

Madison Rug Factory Truck

Date: 12 07 1933
Description: Company truck for the Madison Rug Factory at 8 S. Livingston Street, with advertising for cleaning, resizing, remaking, weaving, and shampooing services.

Flower Garden at 3F Laundry

Date: 09 21 1933
Description: Flower garden at 3F Laundry, 731 East Dayton Street. Shows fence, arbor, birdhouse, and garden chairs.

Nursery School Group

Date: 07 14 1933
Description: Five children are washing dishes at the Dorothy Roberts nursery school at the University of Wisconsin Home Economics practice cottage.

Madison Steam Dye Works

Date: 06 16 1933
Description: Madison Steam Dye Works, 116 S. Pinckney Street.

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