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Fauerbach Brewery

Date: 1939
Description: Exterior view of the Fauerbach Brewery.

Children at the State School for the Blind

Date: 1893
Description: Students and adults of the State School for the Blind pose for a group portrait in front of the building.

La Pointe Town Hall

Date: 05 16 1973
Description: Front view of the La Pointe Town Hall on Madeline Island.

Town Hall and Church

Date: 1932
Description: Photographic postcard view of a man sitting on the steps of Town Hall. The Catholic church is in the background. Caption reads: "Town Hall and Church, La P...

City Hall

Date: 1900
Description: Exterior of City Hall.

German International Truck Advertising Poster

Date: 1928
Description: German advertising poster for International trucks. Features an illustration of a truck on a bridge in an urban setting. Includes the text "Vollendete Last...

Wisconsin State Capitol Elevators

Description: Second and third floor elevators in the Wisconsin State Capitol.

Security State Bank Lobby

Date: 03 26 1927
Description: Lobby of the Security State Bank, with depositors waiting in line at teller's windows.

Elks Cross Country Car

Date: 06 03 1931
Description: Elks Magazine purple and white free wheeling Studebaker President 8 roadster convertible parked in front of the Elks Club, 120-124 Monona Avenue. The car's...

Davis House, Edenfred

Date: 05 24 1934
Description: The east terrace of the Dr. and Mrs. Frederick Allison Davis home, also known as Edenfred, in the Highlands suburb west of Madison, 6048 S. Highlands Avenu...

International Harvester Company Parade Float for "A Century of Progress"

Date: 1934
Description: International Harvester Company parade float for the "A Century of Progress" Worlds Fair. The two-section float is parked in front of the Field Museum and ...

International Harvester Printing Warehouse

Date: 03 26 1925
Description: Employees packaging company publications for shipment in a warehouse. The warehouse is possibly part of Harvester Press. Publications may include advertisi...

Hollywood Beach Hotel

Description: Exterior of the Hollywood Beach Hotel in Hollywood, Florida with of six men and a woman on the balcony and on the sidewalk. The hotel exterior features orn...

South Pediment of Wisconsin State Capitol

Date: 1920
Description: The Wisconsin State Capitol south pediment, with figures representing wisdom, equity, rectitude, executive power, meditation, prudence, calmness and cautio...

Akron Works Truck Assembly Line

Description: Interior view of truck assembly line workers at IHC's Akron Works factory, Akron, Ohio. The works originally belonged to the Aultman & Miller Buckeye Compa...

Women's Lunch Room at IHC Osborne Works Twine Mill

Date: 1910
Description: Slightly elevated view of female workers gathered in the women's lunch room at the International Harvester's Osborne Works twine mill. The factory was owne...

Printing Twine Bags at McCormick Twine Mill

Date: 01 27 1925
Description: Workers stitching and printing labels on burlap bags used to store balls of binder twine at International Harvester's McCormick Twine Mill. The McCormick w...

The Wisconsin State Capitol Senate Chamber

Date: 1913
Description: The Senate Chamber of the Wisconsin State Capitol in a quiet moment. Although the senate met in its new chamber in January 1913, much of the marble work on...

IHC Executives at McCormick Works Public Event

Date: 12 15 1926
Description: Cyrus McCormick, Jr., Cyrus McCormick III, and other International Harvester executives stand near a replica of the original McCormick reaper as a crowd lo...

Interior of Ice Cream Bar

Date: 09 11 1945
Description: Ice Cream Bar interior, on Milwaukee Street, showing fountain, and booths along the all on the left, with several people sitting.

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