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Farmer and Computer

Date: 01 27 1960
Description: A farmer observes the processed results of the workings of an early computer or data machine. The machine was used to process and to organize data on a her...

Airline Computer Network

Date: 09 26 1984
Description: A woman uses an early commercial computer network that allows travel agents to book their own flights without the use of a telephone.

Analyzing Composition of Cement

Date: 09 20 1956
Description: Katharine Mather of the Corps of Engineers Waterways Experiment Station checks a computer analysis of the composition of cement.

Watching the Monitor

Date: 04 11 1986
Description: Schoolgirl watches the monitor as she types her story on a word processor.

Kids with Calculator

Date: 05 19 1989
Description: Two young boys in a grocery store figuring out prices of food with a calculator.

Crunching Numbers

Date: 11 10 1963
Description: Male students run data cards through a computer to match couples for a school dance.

The Answer Machine

Date: 11 13 1963
Description: A question is fed into a "computer" created by the mathematics club at John Marshall Junior High School. This was a project in observance of American Educa...

St. Joseph's Computer

Date: 12 14 1967
Description: A secretary in the pathology department at St. Joseph's Hospital working at a new computer.

Pamela J. Waukau

Description: Pamela J. Waukau, typesetting the "Menominee Tribal News".

International Truck Advertising Poster

Date: 1977
Description: Advertising poster for International trucks featuring a color illustration of a computer monitor with arms placing trucks on a map of the United States. In...

Legislator Using Computer

Date: 03 18 2000
Description: Legislator working on a computer.

Man Viewing Computer Program

Description: An unidentified Falk employee views a technical drawing on a computer screen. Original Falk caption reads, "Person in CAD room looking at CRT screen with m...

Western Union New Equipment

Date: 12 07 1948
Description: The new Western Union equipment in the Madison office which is connected with an 'electric brain' in Minneapolis, permitting faster transmission of message...

Employee Working on a Computer

Date: 08 28 1984
Description: Mary Beaudry, a temporary employee at International Business Machines, works on word-processing and computer equipment.

Data Processing

Date: 11 10 1960
Description: A student studies key punch operation in a data processing class at Milwaukee Vocational and Adult Schools. She is seated at a very large computer.

Inside Project ELF

Date: 12 15 1981
Description: Captain Charles Biele and an unidentified staffer in the Navy facility at Clam Lake known as Project ELF.

Inside Project ELF (Alternate View)

Date: 12 15 1981
Description: Captain Charles Biele and an unidentified staffer inside the Navy's facility at Clam Lake known as Project ELF.

Clean Suit

Date: 08 29 1995
Description: Congressman David R. Obey putting on protective clothing for a tour of the Cray Computer facility.

Cray Tour

Date: 08 29 1995
Description: Wisconsin Congressman David R. Obey touring the new Cray Computer facility. Obey had been involved in securing federal funding for the company.

Computer Assisted Learning

Date: 05 1998
Description: As part of his support for education, Congressman David Obey visited many schools within his district. Here he observed elementary school students in Wisco...

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