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Lumber Camp Cook Shanty

Description: Two men preparing a meal in a lumber camp shanty or bunkhouse.

Woman Broiling Hamburger

Date: 1950
Description: An apron-clad woman broiling hamburgers in the kitchen.

Kitchen Interior

Date: 1910
Description: Woman baking in a large kitchen with lean-to pantry and a wood-burning stove. The sconces or reflectors on the kerosene lamps intensified the light.

Cooking Classes at Hillside Home School

Description: Students in cooking class at Hillside Home School, an early progressive school, operated by Ellen and Jane Lloyd Jones, aunts of Frank Lloyd Wright.

Prison Cook Preparing Food

Date: 03 26 1968
Description: Slightly elevated view of prison cooks preparing dinner for inmates.

Norwegian Church Supper

Date: 1959
Description: Women preparing food for an annual Norwegian church supper at the Trinity Lutheran Church.

Fisherman by River

Description: Fisherman cooking on campfire at the edge of a river.

Italian Woman Preparing Sarsa

Date: 1941
Description: Loretta Falci (Lorenzina Fiocco Falci), an Italian woman, preparing sarsa, tomato paste on boards on the porch of her home, 622 Milton Street, as she holds...

Mary Ellen Nevin and her Sister

Date: 1897
Description: Interior of the kitchen at 12 North Broom Street, the residence of James and Mary Ellen Nevin, showing Mrs. Nevin and her sister cooking. James Nevin was t...

Father in Apron Cooking

Date: 1960
Description: A father standing over a pan wearing an apron. He is cooking and smoking a cigar.

Kitchen and Bathroom Scenes

Date: 01 1913
Description: Page from manuscript keepsake scrapbook containing an image of a kitchen stove and of a toilet.

Hommels Cooking School

Date: 11 24 1933
Description: View from center aisle of Hommel's Cooking School set up on the Parkway Theater stage, 6-10 W. Mifflin Street. Displayed is a layout of the cooking demonst...

Mrs. Mutchler Making Soup

Date: 05 12 1933
Description: Mrs. Wilson Mutchler of Stoners' Prairie farm at 2533 Mutchler Road, south of Madison, cooking soup on a woodstove.

Potawatomi Indians Cooking

Description: Illustration of three Potawatomi Indians cooking.

Research Products Display Window

Date: 09 17 1952
Description: Research Products Company display window at Wolff-Kubly & Hirsig Hardware Store, featuring Filter-Fry frying pan cover and E Z Kleen air filters. 17 South ...

Sears Roebuck Fireless Cookers

Date: 1915
Description: Sears Roebuck catalog page of heating radiator, kettles, and pans.

Flipping Pancakes

Date: 06 11 1989
Description: Man flipping pancakes at "farm breakfast" as part of "June is Dairy Month" promotion in Washington County.

Making Buckwheat Pancakes

Date: 09 13 1949
Description: Elderly woman making pancakes on griddle at wood burning stove.

Hotdog Cookout

Date: 05 15 1965
Description: Girl Scouts cooking hotdogs over an open fire. The Great Blue Heron council weekend campout was held at Hartland Sportsman's Club grounds.

Woman with Blender

Date: 03 18 1955
Description: Woman stirring the contents of an Osterizer blender that is sitting on the stove.

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