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Husking Corn

Date: 1903
Description: Elevated view of the Krueger family husking corn. From right to left are: Mary, Sarah, August, Florentina, and Jennie Krueger. A dog is lying on the ground...

Farm Family with Copious Produce

Date: 09 05 1895
Description: Matthew H. Stephenson, his wife Julia Hebert Stephenson, and their son William Clinton pose with vegetables from the Menomonee River Boom Company garden ne...

Beer and Sweet Corn

Date: 08 24 1968
Description: Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kress, dressed in lederhosen, enjoy beer and sweet corn at the Mid-summer Festival.

Tree in Cornfield

Date: 08 23 1985
Description: A lone tree standing in a rural Ottawa cornfield in western Waukesha county.

Corn Machines Advertising Poster

Date: 1930
Description: Advertising poster for McCormick-Deering corn machines. Includes color illustrations of a horizontal corn binder, vertical corn binder, No. 12 ensilage cut...

McCormick-Deering Corn Picker Advertising Poster

Date: 1925
Description: Advertising poster for McCormick-Deering corn pickers. Features a color illustration of the corn picker, and a photograph of a man using the corn picker in...

McCormick Catalog Cover

Date: 1896
Description: Color lithograph cover illustration for the McCormick Harvesting Machine Company catalog. A small illustration at the top right is of a man using a horse-d...

International Harvester Manure Spreader Advertising Poster

Date: 1919
Description: Advertising poster for No. 6 and No. 8 Low Corn King manure spreaders. Includes color illustrations and the text: "Wide spread, narrow box, light draft," a...

Hoosier Corn Planter Advertising Poster

Date: 1908
Description: Advertising poster for Hoosier brand corn planters showing a color illustration of a corn planter inside a "The Shield of Quality," with three corn cobs at...

International Harvester "Prospy" Advertising Poster

Date: 1909
Description: Advertising poster showing a little man with a corn cob body, a shield in the shape of the International Harvester logo, and a spear made of a stalk of gra...

McCormick Corn Picker Service Advertising Poster

Date: 1955
Description: Advertising poster for McCormick corn picker service showing three horizontally stacked ears of corn bearing the words: "Corn Picker Service."

Young Boy in Wagon Pulled by Dogs

Date: 1915
Description: Young boy in a wagon pulled by two dogs near a cornfield.

Man Inside Agricultural Exhibit

Date: 1916
Description: African American man sitting inside an agricultural display of corn, potatoes, canned goods and International Harvester agricultural lecture charts. A bann...

Canning Corn

Date: 1927
Description: Husband and wife canning corn in kitchen using Burpee Can Sealer.

International Model E Truck with "Prosperity" Display

Date: 1916
Description: International Model E highwheeler truck adorned with American flags, advertising banners, and a statue of a sprite named "Prospy." "Prospy" was a little ma...

First Thanksgiving

Description: Thanksgiving dinner between Native Americans and early Pilgrim settlers in America.

McCormick-Deering W-30 Tractor and Hammer Mill

Date: 08 07 1934
Description: Man using a McCormick-Deering W-30 tractor to run a belt-driven hammer mill as a boy is watching from a fence. The hammer mill is likely an International N...

Tractorette Field Demonstration

Date: 1942
Description: Instructor Mr. Schweitzer reviewing the operation of a Farmall M tractor with a group of women. The women are (L to R): Donna Mehaffy, Oakville; Marian Hul...

Workers on a Farmall Cub Modified for De-Tasseling

Date: 1949
Description: Six women and a man on a McCormick-Deering Farmall Cub tractor modified for de-tasseling work. The unit was built with a special mounting frame by Knudsen ...

Farmall H Tractor with Cultivator at Hinsdale Farms

Description: Slightly elevated view of a farmer on a McCormick Farmall H tractor with cultivator at Hinsdale Farm, near International Harvester's experimental farm.

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