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Ed Gein's Arrest

Date: November 19 1957
Description: Waushara County Sheriff Art Schley and his deputy, Leon "Specks" Murty (wearing hat), escorting Ed Gein (1906-1984) to the state crime lab, 917 University...

Ed Gein Farm Auction

Date: March 30 1958
Description: Notice of farm auction sale for farm and personal property of Ed Gein. The farmhouse was destroyed by fire before the auction took place.

Julius and Ethel Rosenberg

Description: Julius and Ethel Rosenberg in custody. The Rosenbergs were convicted of spying for the Soviet Union on March 29, 1951, and sentenced to death. The climate...

Jennie Justo

Date: May 15 1933
Description: Jennie Justo with hat in hand, is embraced by her mother, Lena Justo, as she leaves for a year in the Milwaukee jail for being the alleged owner of a stude...

Working on a Chain-Gang

Description: African American prison inmates working on a road chain-gang in Florida or Georgia.

The James Family

Description: A postcard image of Jesse, Frank and the mother James.

Ed Gein at State Crime Lab

Date: November 19 1957
Description: Ed Gein (1906-1984) signing paperwork at the state crime lab where he was brought for lie detector and other tests or at the city jail where he was held ov...

John (Jack) Albright

Date: November 28 1936
Description: Portrait of John (Jack) Albright, former owner of the Club Monterey and one-time king of Madison gamblers, in jail, charged with keeping a gambling house,...

Four Bank Robbery Suspects

Date: October 26 1934
Description: Portrait of four men, suspected Lone Rock bank robbers.

Cecil LaValla

Date: July 15 1933
Description: Portrait of Cecil LaValla, sitting in a chair at the county jail, suspect in the murder of Odin Tofsrud.

Jenny Justo Saying Goodbye to Her Dog

Date: May 15 1933
Description: Jenny Justo, 921 Spring Street, saying goodbye to her dog before leaving for a year in the Milwaukee jail.

Jennie and Lena Justo

Date: May 15 1933
Description: Jennie Justo of 921 Spring Street in the Greenbush, wearing a hat, says goodbye to her mother, Lena Justo, as she leaves for a year in the Milwaukee jail.

Gladys Heacock, Escapee

Date: October 12 1931
Description: Gladys Heacock, escapee from Indiana State School for Girls, who pleaded guilty to stealing a State car, and another woman sitting in the Dane County jail.

James McGilligan at Police Station

Date: May 21 1931
Description: James McGilligan, accused of impersonating a physician, sitting at the police station.

Carl Frey

Date: February 04 1931
Description: Portrait of Carl Frey, 28, Stoughton. He confessed to the murder of Albion postmaster Frank Kelling.

Wilford Rogers and Leslie Straus

Date: February 05 1931
Description: Wilford Rogers, 20, and Leslie Straus, 21, both of Mendota, Illinois. The two are confessed murderers of Albion postmaster, Frank H. Kelling, standing on t...

Lillian Rice at Police Station

Date: January 30 1931
Description: Lillian Rice (aka Loretta La Boze), 18 of Janesville, in man's clothing with police matron, Pearl Shaughnessy, at the Police Station. Lillian was arrested...

Alleged Burglar

Date: December 30 1930
Description: Myron Stephanson, accused burglar, holding his head in his hands while sitting under a notice titled: "Wanted for Bank Robbery" at the police station.

Prisoner and Police Officer

Date: September 06 1930
Description: Prisoner, Fred Deauchamp, age 29, accused robber of nurse's residence at Wisconsin General Hospital, and police officer standing outdoors.

Convict Labor During World War I

Date: September 1917
Description: South Carolina convicts building a road at Camp Wadsworth near Spartenberg in preparation for the camp's use as a National Guard training camp. The prisone...

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