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Wisconsin Cheese Billboard

Date: 09 28 1942
Description: Highway billboard advertising Wisconsin cheese for the Department of Agriculture and Markets.

Horlick's Malted Milk Factory

Date: 1914
Description: Horlick's Malted Milk Factory.

Midstate Grocer's Association Dinner

Date: 04 24 1950
Description: The Midstate Grocer's Association dinner at Turner Hall. On display in the foreground are Fauerbach Beer, Nehl Soda, Blatz Beer, and Schoep's ice cream.

Madison Consumers Dairy Co-operative

Date: 1936
Description: Exterior of the Madison Consumers Dairy Co-operative, probably located at 102 South Dickinson Street, with the milkmen posing next to their home delivery t...

Kennedy Dairy Wagons

Date: 1926
Description: A line of Kennedy Dairy horse-drawn wagons with drivers posing beside them. For Quaker Oats Farm.

Dairy Cooperative Supports Packinghouse Workers Strike

Date: 03 22 1948
Description: A driver for Dairy Distributors, Inc. cooperative of Watertown, Wisconsin delivering milk to strikers' soup kitchen.

"Several dairies have volunteered to...


University of Wisconsin Dairy Class

Date: 1916
Description: University of Wisconsin Dairy Class.

Buckhorn Cheese Company

Description: Exterior view of the Buckhorn Cheese Company plant. A sign painted on the exterior of the building reads: "Take One Home."

Stamping Cheeses

Description: A male worker in a cheese-making factory places a Wisconsin stamp on cheeses.

Flipping Pancakes

Date: 06 11 1989
Description: Man flipping pancakes at "farm breakfast" as part of "June is Dairy Month" promotion in Washington County.

Driver in International Dairy Truck

Date: 09 04 1925
Description: View across street towards a man in the driver's seat of an International Special Delivery dairy truck parked in front of billboards. The International Spe...

Farmer Pouring Milk into McCormick-Deering Cream Separator

Date: 07 07 1925
Description: Man pouring milk into a McCormick-Deering cream separator.

Delivering Milk from an International C-300 Truck

Date: 10 13 1936
Description: Milkman delivering milk to the Hotel Juneau. The International C-300 truck was owned by Golden Guernsey Dairy Co. A sign above the hotel awning advertises ...

Milk Bar

Date: 09 11 1945
Description: An automobile parked in front of the West Side Fountain operated by John P. Stein and Joseph Scalissi with Borden's Ice Cream, Dr. Pepper, Pepsi and Royal ...

McCoy's Ice Cream Shop

Date: 02 22 1938
Description: Two clerks and a customer in McCoy's Ice Cream Shop, 507 State Street, with Oscar Mayer Coolerator food display case.

Testing Milking Machines

Date: 11 10 1937
Description: Three male workers testing the "Clean Easy Milker" milking machines at the Ben H. Anderson Mfg. Company, 3220 Atwood Avenue.

Polishing Milking Machine Parts

Date: 11 10 1937
Description: Three workers polishing milking machine parts at the Ben. H. Anderson Mfg. Co., 3220 Atwood Avenue.

Bancroft Dairy

Date: 09 11 1937
Description: Bancroft Dairy, 1010 South Park Street — new Art-Deco Building.

Madison Consumers Co-Operative Dairy

Date: 05 05 1937
Description: Seven milkmen standing beside dairy delivery trucks — all Internationals — parked in front of Madison Consumers Co-operative Dairy, 102 S. Dickinson Street...

Consumer's Co-op Dairy

Date: 01 12 1937
Description: Consumer's Co-op Dairy. Interior view of bottling plant.

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