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Spic and Span Dry Cleaners

Date: 03 14 1957
Description: Elevated view across street towards the storefront and delivery vehicles of Spic and Span Dry Cleaning.

Madison Consumers Dairy Co-operative

Date: 1936
Description: Exterior of the Madison Consumers Dairy Co-operative, probably located at 102 South Dickinson Street, with the milkmen posing next to their home delivery t...

Gridley Dairy Milk Wagon

Description: A man holding a bottle of milk is standing and posing next to a horse-drawn Gridley Dairy milk wagon. Two other men are standing on the left near a brick b...

Arrival of "Woodrush"

Date: 1949
Description: View from dock of the U.S. Coast Guard ship "Woodrush" arriving at the La Pointe dock to clear ice. Two trucks are on the dock, one with a piano.

Pacifico and Petlovany Bakery Truck

Date: 1922
Description: International Harvester Model S truck with delivery body, Pacifico and Petlovany Bakery.

Frank Lloyd Wright — Choles Crash

Date: 11 13 1933
Description: Frank Lloyd Wright's 1929 L29 Cord Phaeton automobile and an overturned Choles Floral Company delivery truck, driven by Frost Choles, at an accident scene ...

International "Red Baby" Truck Advertising Poster

Date: 1923
Description: Advertising poster for McCormick-Deering service featuring a color illustration of a "Red Baby" farm truck. The company offered a $1,000 prize to the deale...

Advertising Calendar for McCormick-Deering Line

Date: 1924
Description: Advertising calendar for the McCormick-Deering line of farm machinery featuring an artistic rendition of man driving a "Red Baby" farm truck on a snowy roa...

International Motor Trucks Advertising Poster

Date: 1924
Description: Advertising poster for International motor trucks featuring color illustrations of several truck models. Printed by Herman Litho. Co., Chicago, Illinois, f...

International Motor Truck Advertising Poster

Date: 1929
Description: Advertising poster for International trucks. Features a color illustration of a truck at a wharf or dock with a large ship in the background.

International De Luxe Delivery Truck Advertising Poster

Date: 1940
Description: Advertising poster for the International delivery trucks. Features a color illustration of a De Luxe delivery trucks "with All-Steel . . . Streamlined Metr...

International Truck Advertising Poster

Date: 1938
Description: Advertising poster for International trucks. Features a color illustration of men loading lumber onto a truck with utility stake body. Includes the text: "...

A. Streich & Brothers Brewery Wagon

Description: Side view of an Oshkosh Brewing Company wagon built by A. Streich & Brother Wagons.

Oxygen Delivery

Date: 11 04 1940
Description: James Robinson and E. Newton of the Professional Pharmacy prepare to load a Linde oxygen tank for home delivery.

Prescription Pick-Up

Date: 10 17 1946
Description: A customer picks up a prescription at Richards Brothers' Pharmacy.

Pharmaceutical Delivery by Bicycle

Date: 03 11 1949
Description: A delivery boy straddles his bicycle, ready to make a delivery of medicine for the Pekin Prescription Laboratory.

Willson Monarch Labs Salesman Card

Date: 1935
Description: Business card of Edward Rohloff, a traveling salesman for Willson's Monarch Laboratory, a manufacturer of patent medications in the early part of the 1900s...

Horse-Drawn Patent Medicines Wagon

Date: 01 07 1937
Description: A traveling salesman with Willson's Monarch Labs is standing beside the horse-drawn wagon that took him on sales routes in rural Wisconsin. Willson manufac...

Willson Monarch Remedies Wagon

Date: 1935
Description: Two salesmen stand beside one of the Willson's Monarch Remedies horse-drawn wagons. Willson's sold patent medicines, spices, extracts, flavorings, and "toi...

Don's Delivery Service

Date: 08 15 1937
Description: Employees of Don's Delivery Service, Inc. near the main Post Office, with Harley Davidson motorcycles and a closed panel truck. They are parked across the ...

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