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Two Women with Cleaning Implements

Description: Two women are standing on the small porch outside an open kitchen door, near implements used for daily household tasks such as washing, scrubbing, sweeping...

Amund and Siri Rustebakke and Women with Spinning Wheels

Date: 1873
Description: Amund Rustebakke, standing in doorway, and Siri Rustebakke, center, sitting, in front of a house with her daughters and daughter-in-law and four spinning w...

Sweeping Porch

Date: 1909
Description: Woman sweeping snow off a porch. She is wearing a dress and apron.

Schadauer Tobacco Store

Date: 1880
Description: A man posing in the open doorway of Julius Schadauer's tobacco shop at 101 State Street. The sign above the doorway reads: "Schadauer of Cigars Fact. No 62...

John Royal's Office Door

Description: View outside John Royal's office door. There are milk bottles and newspapers piled at the door and on it hangs a sign that reads "Out As Usual".

Wisconsin State Capitol Elevators

Description: Second and third floor elevators in the Wisconsin State Capitol.

J.A. Taylor Steamer #1

Date: 1905
Description: Fire department steamer #1 fire engine, named after hotel proprietor J.A. Taylor.

Two Women Outside a Log Cabin

Description: Two women stand outside the doorway of a log house in winter. They are posed with a washtub, broom and dust pan.

Krueger Children at their First Christmas

Date: 12 26 1900
Description: Jennie, in rocking chair, and Edgar Krueger, on a rocking horse, with small Christmas tree and toys, including wagon, blocks, and doll, displayed outside o...

Supreme Court Entrance

Date: 1930
Description: Door to the Supreme Court room in the Wisconsin State Capitol.

Children Using a Telephone

Description: Laurie and Muriel Peterson, children of the photographer, use a high chair to talk on the phone.

Woman Cleaning Wooden Floor

Date: 1920
Description: Woman cleaning a wooden floor in an open doorway of her farmhouse with a scrub brush.

Waiting out the Rain

Date: 06 21 1987
Description: Shoppers take refuge in the open doorway of a shop during a downpour.

Mechanics Working on International Trucks

Date: 1942
Description: Mechanics working inside the service center of an International Harvester dealership. The door of one of the trucks is painted "McCormick-Deering Store."

Halloween Spooks

Date: 10 31 1951
Description: Carl Lueders' children stand at the door and trick-or-treat in their neighborhood on Halloween.

Weber Works Employee

Date: 1917
Description: Male office worker, possibly the factory superintendent, posing in front of the office door of International Harvester's Weber Works.

Calvert Liquor Sign

Date: 12 13 1944
Description: Calvert Liquor sign displayed in the window of the Plymouth Liquor Distributers, 2717 Atwood Avenue, sign reads: "Clear Heads Choose Calvert."

Vogel Fish and Oyster Company, Doorway to Refrigeration Room

Date: 10 03 1944
Description: Vogel Fish and Oyster Company, 2049 Atwood Avenue, door to the large refrigeration room, sign above door reading: "Captain Jack's Oysters sold here."

"American Romance" Movie Poster

Date: 10 14 1944
Description: Orpheum Theatre lobby, 216 State Street, with sign with description of items on display at Baron's Department Store that were used to produce "American Rom...

Orpheum Theatre Seating

Date: 06 10 1941
Description: View of steps at the rear of the Orpheum Theatre auditorium.

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