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Harwood, Brisbane, and Coffin

Date: 1853
Description: Half plate daguerreotype of E. Harwood, Dr. William Brisbane, and Levi Coffin, sitting in a row.

Milo Milton Quaife

Date: 1953
Description: Portrait of Milo Milton Quaife (1880-1959), serving as director and editor from 1914 to 1920.

Richard Lloyd Jones

Date: August 1916
Description: Richard Lloyd Jones, editor and publisher (1911-1919) of the Wisconsin State Journal, at his desk.

Sherman M. Booth

Description: Sherman M. Booth, anti-slavery editor, shown seated reading newspaper.

William Evjue at Progressive Convention

Date: May 19 1934
Description: William T. Evjue, editor of The Capital Times, presiding over the Progressive convention, at which the delegates launched a new political party, the Progre...

School Page Editors

Date: October 14 1930
Description: Group portrait of nine children who were "School page" editors for the "Capital Times."

School Page Editors

Date: October 14 1930
Description: Eight children who were "School page" editors for the "Capital Times," and one adult, sitting around a table.

Newspaper Print Shop

Date: 1950
Description: Sports editor and sports reporter from the "Wisconsin State Journal" confer with a printer over trays of lead type.

Wendell Willkie and Aaron Martin Brayton

Date: March 1944
Description: Wendell Willkie visits with Aaron Martin Brayton, retired editor of the Wisconsin State Journal, on his bed in a local hospital room during Willkie'...

Workers with Newspaper Photographs

Description: Newspaper workers perusing hundreds of photographs. There are three men holding some of the photographs and the rest are mounted on the walls around them.

Christopher Latham Sholes

Description: A portrait of Christopher Latham Sholes, the inventor of the typewriter. Sholes was an editor in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and later continued this work in Milwa...

Frederick W. Horn

Date: 1872
Description: Portrait of Frederick Horn (1815-1893), a Democrat. He was a lawyer and editor of the Cedarburg Weekly News. His years of public service began in 1842 and...

Journalist Bertha Rupp at her Desk

Date: September 12 1952
Description: Bertha Elbel Rupp, assistant society editor, seated behind her desk at the "Wisconsin State Journal."

Henry J. McCormick

Date: June 1944
Description: Portrait of Henry J. "Hank" McCormick, sports editor of the Wisconsin State Journal.

Editor Marshall F. Browne

Date: August 04 1944
Description: Marshall F. Browne at his typewriter. He was editor and publisher of the "East Side News" and several other publications.

Kiwanis Club Recognition of Madison Newspapers

Date: October 03 1944
Description: Kiwanis Club honors city newspapers for their wartime service. Left to right: William T. Evjue, editor of the Capital Times; Edward Doane, Govenor G...

Livia Appel, Managing Editor of University of Wisconsin Press

Date: July 10 1945
Description: Portrait of Livia Appel, Managing Editor of University of Wisconsin Press.

Thomas Meehan, Botanist

Date: 1869
Description: Vignetted carte-de-visite portrait of Thomas Meehan (1826-1902), American botanist. Meehan emigrated from England to Philadelphia in 1848. Served as editor...

Governor Oscar Rennebohm Farm

Date: May 24 1947
Description: Governor Oscar Rennebohm farm, on U.S. Highway 151, five miles east of the Capitol between Madison and Sun Prairie. Governor Rennebohm and Ed Mercer admire...

State Republican Party Convention

Date: June 21 1947
Description: Assembly Speaker, Donald McDowell, casting a straw vote for U.S. President. George Greene, editor of Waupun Leader News, supervising the vote.

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