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Victor Berger Campaign Poster

Date: 1918
Description: Campaign poster for Victor Berger (1860-1929), U.S. Senatorial campaign. This large poster documents Berger's campaign for United States Senate in a specia...

Robert M. La Follette, Sr. Speaking from Wisconsin State Capitol

Date: 11 1924
Description: Robert M. La Follette, Sr. speaking to a large crowd from the Wisconsin State Capitol steps. This speech marked the end of his independent campaign for the...

Governor Julius P. Heil Campaigning to Teenagers

Date: 10 1942
Description: Governor Julius P. Heil (1876-1949) speaks to Shawano High School students and others during his gubernatorial re-election campaign. He arrived during the ...

Senator Joseph McCarthy Eating Breakfast

Date: 11 06 1946
Description: Joseph R. McCarthy in the home of friends Urban and Margery Van Susteren of Little Chute, on the morning after his election to the U.S. Senate. Van Sustere...

La Follette Family Listens to the Returns

Date: 11 1924
Description: Robert M. La Follette, Sr., with Isabel Bacon La Follette (Mrs. Philip La Follette), Mrs. John J. Blaine, Philip Fox La Follette, Governor John J. Blaine, ...

Car Full of Suffragists

Description: Members of the Political Equality League in an early Ford automobile draped with bunting reading "Votes for Women." In the front seat is Mrs. B.C. Gudden. ...

Harry S. Truman and Adlai Stevenson

Date: 07 1952
Description: The Democratic convention, with Harry S. Truman and Adlai Stevenson standing at a podium.

Ballot Machine

Date: 1956
Description: Close-up view of a women's hand touching a ballot machine with names of candidates from the 1956 Wisconsin election.

Rally for John F. Kennedy

Date: 10 23 1960
Description: View of audience at a rally for John F. Kennedy for president.

Election Booths and Volunteers

Description: Elevated view of a gymnasium that has been converted into a place where citizens can vote on election day.

Harold Stassen for President

Description: Republican Harold Stassen giving a speech on a stage in Milwaukee during his campaign for the Republican nomination.

Nixon/Lodge Supporters

Date: 1960
Description: Campaigners for the 1960 Republican ticket of Richard M. Nixon for president and Henry Cabot Lodge for vice-president.
Magazine or Periodical

Pro-McKinley Political Cartoon

Date: 08 29 1896
Description: Cover of Harper's Weekly, with a pro-William McKinley Presidential cartoon depicting McKinley as a soldier in 1861 and William Jennings Bryan as an ...

Kansas Equal Suffrage

Date: 1912
Description: Depiction of a man and a woman each putting their votes into a ballot box, touting equal suffrage: "For a better government of the people, by the people, a...

Democratic Candidates poster

Date: 1922
Description: Poster for "Democratic Candidates Kept Off the Ticket" for "Election Tuesday Nov. 7, 1922." Candidates and their photos include: Joseph R. Pfiffner, Emil T...

Young Cubans with Petitions

Date: 1980
Description: Four smiling young Cubans with petitions for camp nomination elections. Photographs made on July 4, 1980, by Archibald of Cuban refugees who had arrived as...

Get Out the Vote Telephone Drive

Date: 11 05 1958
Description: Women campaign workers call voters to support the Labor Political League and vote for candidates sympathetic to Labor issues.

Television Broadcast of Election Returns

Date: 11 02 1948
Description: WENR in Chicago broadcasts the first live national television presidential election returns when Truman upset Dewey.

Democratic Presidential Electors

Date: 01 04 1933
Description: Wisconsin's twelve Democratic presidential electors in the Senate chamber after casting their unanimous vote to Franklin D. Roosevelt for president and Joh...

Roosevelt & Garner Electors of Wisconsin

Date: 01 04 1933
Description: Group portrait of Wisconsin's twelve presidential electors, Democrats, in the Senate chamber, who unanimously voted for Franklin D. Roosevelt, president, a...

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